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Custom Multi Tools & Promotional Automotive Products at Canada's Most Competitive Prices

When you are considering making a promotional item for your business, no matter what your message is, the goal is to make something that will be useful and used. This is because to be successful, you want to remind its owner and those around it of who gave it to them in the first place! Creating something that has a practical use is a great method of helping make sure your investment stays close to the recipient and not forgotten somewhere in that old kitchen drawer. So why not consider our promotional multi tools as your go to item today?

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Be the one who has something useful

Anyone can put their logo onto a product, but that doesn’t make it good advertising! No one likes clutter and with everyone making their own branded items the competition for space in our customers' lives can be fierce. A product that has a purpose is unlikely to end up in the trash and this is why we offer so many custom multi tool options - from custom printed keychains to promotional flashlights! So, whether you are looking to be taken along for the ride with our car promotional items, or be there for those emergencies with our flashlight set options - creating a custom printed promo product that is useful is easy with the options from Dynamic Gift Canada.

Be there for when your customer needs you and get remembered for it

Sure, that googly eyed desk decoration is cute, but why not take the next step in advertising and get your name linked to being a solution in people's lives? Sounds expensive and long winded maybe? Impossible you say? We say it’s all about advertising in the right place. If a shelf falls down in your customer's home, and it’s your imprinted screwdriver that saves the day (and their book storage spot) they are likely to be grateful to you, and this goes for big or small worries! If the power goes out, thank goodness they had your promotional flashlight to see what they are doing. If their care gets iced over, it’s your branded ice mitt they are reacting for - see where we are going with this? There’s advertising and there’s advertising. Not all heroes wear capes - some simply have their logo on a multi purpose tool.

Be the store that sells a product people always seem to need

Choosing what to sell in your store can be no small task, and imprinted products are the same. You are likely to want something that customers will be drawn to because not only are you getting a sale (and that’s no small thing!) but you are sending your message out into the world with its new owner to remind them and show others where your product came from in the first place. With that in mind, choosing something highly practical like our organizers or keychains could make the difference between being selected or passed over by your shoppers.

You don’t have to run a car wash to resell custom car air fresheners in Canada!

With so many people driving in Canada (because no one wants to walk 15km to the store in the snow) you don’t have to run a car wash or garage to benefit from selling promotional automotive products. These items are sought after and highly popular and once in their new owner’s car they are likely to stay with them and in use for a long time, giving you great marketing for only a fraction of the cost that can come with long term advertising. So if you are looking for car wash promotional items you have come to the right place, but if not - we still recommend having a look at what we have to offer because at the end of the day, it comes down to what you think your target audience places value on!

Picked out your item? Contact us to get started on making it your own!

Whichever item from our promotional multi tools selection you have decided on (there’s a lot we know!) contacting us is the next simple step to get started on making it something tailored to you. Contact our friendly Canadian based sales staff for fast quotes, then get designing your message with our artwork department. With our fast shipping and turn around times your new promo item will be ready before you know it, freeing you up to focus on whatever matters to you and your company instead.