Custom Technology Gifts for Your Staff or Corporate VIPs

Say goodbye to purposeless novelty gifts and give something your friends, co-workers and staff could really make use of when you choose corporate technology gifts for your occasion! Tech business gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for those who matter to you, give something handy and modern as well as establishing of course, that you are still “with it” no matter what your age group may be!

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  1. Sonosphear Wireless Speaker
    Sonosphear Wireless Speaker
    Priced from $167.43 to $202.96
  2. Temblor Speaker & Wireless Charger
    Temblor Speaker & Wireless Charger
    Priced from $57.56 to $75.08
  3. My Buds Wireless Headphones
    My Buds Wireless Headphones
    Priced from $106.00 to $156.98
  4. 4pc Tech Gift Set
    4pc Tech Gift Set
    Priced from $140.00 to $165.00
  5. Braavos Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds
    Braavos Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds
    Priced from $55.02 to $69.32
  6. Mophie Dual Wireless Charging Pad
    Mophie Dual Wireless Charging Pad
    Priced from $121.37 to $152.93
  7. Fabrizio 2-Piece Gift Set
    Fabrizio 2-Piece Gift Set
    Priced from $105.00 to $125.00
  8. black satellite wireless charger with white logo
    Satellite Wireless Charge Stand
    Priced from $15.45 to $27.95
  9. An angled front view of a black retro style clock with a smart phone on top
    Cusp Clock and Wireless Phone Charger
    Priced from $22.82 to $26.52
  10. white wireless charge stand with full colour logo
    Launchpad Wireless Charge Stand
    Priced from $15.45 to $27.95
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Items 1-12 of 44

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Other than looking hip, why should you choose corporate technology gifts for your business gifts this year? Well tech may be varied, with so many items from bluetooth speakers to corporate branded power banks, but most all has one common element – they are useful. By selecting products like these, you are giving a gift with a purpose. This doesn’t just benefit the recipient; tech corporate gifts benefit you as well – which we will look at next.

The reason we choose gifts with purpose

There is a reason when it comes to not just corporate gifts, but any gifts that we don’t just go out and buy the very first thing we see in the store or online. Because we want our recipient to make use of our item! Buying someone a flashing lawn gnome is great for a reaction, but after the moment is over the reality is that it’s likely to be put in a drawer or worse, thrown away. With gifts like business headphones or executive power banks you are giving something that has purpose and is likely to be used again and again!

Why is repetitive use good for my business though?

It’s great to give, but a gift that can benefit the giver and the recipient is even better, and that’s where branded items like corporate gift watches have their time to shine. Anything that is especially useful has more opportunity to be used, and when you put your custom printed message on it – each use is a chance for your business to get noticed or be remembered. Repetition in marketing is a key focus point when it comes to brand awareness and by placing your logo on something that could be in use several times a day like branded wireless chargers, you are giving your important message that time to shine.

Why are tech business gifts so popular?

There is no single answer for why, but when it comes to executive gifts, imprinted tech is such a strong leader. There is no denying that our need for modernization and staying up to date plays a huge part. Almost everyone likes music, but you don’t see many people hauling a record player around with them and that is because more up to date tech options have risen over the years. Items like corporate camera gifts are a great example of something sleek, modern, easy to custom print, and best of all – easy to carry and to use.

There is also the “fun factor”. Corporate technology gifts can be incredibly useful, or they can be purely for entertainment. Items like branded drone gifts are a great example of this, something that is modern, yet recreational and it really helps us see the sheer variety and options that come with choosing tech corporate gifts to suit your needs.

There are a lot of corporate tech options – which should I choose?

There really are so many choices and options for executive gifts when it comes to tech and selecting what you would like can be tough. Starting with thinking “what do I think my target audience would appreciate?” is a great beginning! From there you could decide if you would like your item custom engraved, debossed or imprinted in a different method – one that best shows off your logo or personal message. This should help narrow it down because from business gift watches to drones – there certainly is a lot of choice.

Whatever you choose, we are here to help you, from image design to answering questions about items you find appealing and think could work for your business. So, with corporate gifting being so important when it comes to showing how much you value those around you, why not contact us and let’s get started!