A sectional image of two women and one man using custom drawstring backpacks for leisure, travel and back to school purposes.

Promotional Drawstring Bags at Competitive Prices for Great Brand Visibility

We aren't trying to "string you along" Custom printed drawstring bags are a great option for marketing your business! From back-to-school giveaways branded with your logo to gym swag, these bags are ready to start promoting your event in style. The convenient pull-close top of these bags helps to keep contents secure and makes the products easy to use without fiddling with buttons or clips. Check out the wide range of colour options and styles to find the perfect custom cinch bags for your occasion and contact our friendly sales team when you find the perfect bag that "draws" you to it for that upcoming occasion.

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Custom Drawstring Bags as Promotional Gifts

With so many options for promotional items and customized swag in Canada, it seems like you can put your logo on almost anything. So, why are printed drawstring bags, or cinch bags, as some people call them, so popular? Finding something with a practical purpose that doesn't break the bank can be a cornerstone of savvy promotions, and these bags check both boxes. With options starting in the under $5 range, your business can stretch its marketing reach further and get more branded swag for its investment. When we combine this with their easy-to-carry nature and convenient open-close pull design, it becomes a little easier to see why bulk drawstring bags with logos have stayed in demand for promo ideas and marketing solutions.

Why Businesses Choose Drawstring Bags in Bulk for Marketing

Curious about why these seemingly humble items are a go-to and must-have for businesses and tradeshow events? Promotional drawstring bags offer some great perks for marketing, and here are a few of what we think are the most important reasons.

Noticeable Brand Visibility and Impact

With custom printed drawstring bags carried on the back, your logo is easy to notice! Placing information at eye level is great for easily visible advertising and gives your message a better chance of being spotted indoors or outside. This means great advertising potential and an important location for brands seeking to place their information somewhere visible.

Cinch Bags are Easy to Distribute

Who wants to carry bulky items to promotional events? When it comes to creating and distributing promotional swag in Canada, being practical matters. Custom drawstring bags in bulk typically come bulk-packed, which is great news for vendors and stall owners. Their wearable nature makes them easy for visitors to take home, meaning items that are less likely to be rejected when it comes to giveaways and swag.

Drawstring Bags: Inexpensive and Long Lasting

We all want the most value for our investment, and that can mean finding a longer-lasting promotional product. Despite their budget price points, cinch bags with logos are great for repeat use. This gives your business a more lasting form of brand awareness, even on a budget, and makes string bags handy for cheap marketing ideas in Canada.

These points help these bags sound like an awesome way to "cinch" yourself a great promo product for trade show swag in Canada. Read on to find out more about these handy items, or get in touch if you are already convinced to order for your next tradeshow or upcoming event.

What Types of Printed Drawstring and Sports Bags Are There?

With any popular item for promotions, there are often multiple styles and material options, and custom drawstring bags are no exception. Below are some of the most popular styles of custom drawstring bags that are available for custom branding.

Create Custom Cotton Drawstring Bags

Cotton might be soft, but don't let the nature of this material fool you. When made into fabric for promotional cinch bags, this style of drawstring is surprisingly tough and durable, making it great for repeat use. This style of drawstring bag adds a more natural element to brand advertising and is an eco-friendly alternative to non-natural material options.

Increase Eco-Friendly Marketing with Recycled Drawstring Bags

Did you know that recycled drawstring bags are available for branding? The need for more eco-positive options and this style of bag's unwavering popularity has led to a new style of cinch bag made from recycled materials. Branded RPET drawstring bags offer more than just a bag; they help show your business is up-to-date and in touch with modern marketing practices.

Durable Non Woven Drawstring Bags

The most traditional and familiar of custom drawstring bags in bulk, this style of material is often the go-to for inexpensive promotions. Non-woven bags offer a budget-friendly option, and the strong material means that you can still have lasting products at great price points.

Unsure which one is the best for your printing? One of the best things about promotional drawstring bags in Canada is that, despite the different materials, most have the same branding options. This means it comes down to your style, budget, and target audience! Have you found one that has caught your eye? Inquire about custom drawstring bags for wholesale with your logo and chosen product.

Go Green with Custom Eco-Friendly Drawstring Bags

With much information about the negative environmental impact businesses can cause, eco-friendly promotional items have risen to prominence. From bamboo replacing plastics to reusing materials, it seems like almost every product now has an eco-friendly alternative. Branded string bags are no exception, giving your business the potential to think green for your next event or trade show. Adding your design to cinch bags made from eco-friendly materials like RPET or recycled cotton shows that your business is thinking about the bigger picture. Logo eco-friendly bags are here to help the environment, your brand awareness, and even build positive imagery for your business! This helps to explain why recycled drawstring bags and cinch bags made from eco-friendly materials are popular options for modern promotional ideas in Canada.

Go Back to School in Style with Printed Cinch Bags

Pens, pencils, rulers, books, lunches—the list is certainly long, and all these back-to-school essentials need a form of transportation. Drawstring bags in bulk are easy to use, easy to take from one place to another, and a handy way to keep small everyday essentials together. College and high school students often need to mind every cent, and providing something useful for them can be easy with personalized cinch bags! Back to school also means back to socialization, and your logo could attend class, the lunch hall, and daily commutes

Let Drawstring Bags Do the Heavy Lifting to Promote Your Gym

Not a student? Not a problem! Printed drawstring bags are ready to head to the gym. The pull-close style of these products makes stowing gym clothes and shoes easy to do. Not involved with fitness either? Don't worry. Cinch bags might be perfect for taking essentials to and from the gym, but your brand doesn't have to be involved in fitness to take advantage of them. With so many Canadians interested in health and wellness, you can add your logo to promotional drawstring bags even if you have nothing to do with the topic! Whether your item ends up at the gym or on a relaxing day out at the beach, your cinch bag's versatility means it's likely to stay in use and work hard for your brand visibility.

Creating Practical Promo Ideas With the Quality Your Business Needs

Inexpensive doesn't have to mean poor quality, especially when it comes to customization. From finding branded string bags wholesale to drawstring bags with logos available at low minimums, we are ready to make your creative experience with us is smooth from start to finish. Contact us today about "bagging yourself a bargain" for branded cinch bags, and let's get designing for your next trade show, event, conference, or marketing campaign.