Custom printed wireless chargers and USB cables are in use in a home office and on the go to charge smartphones.

Custom Device Chargers at Canada's Most Competitive Prices

We may be a diverse country, with different needs, lives and aspirations but one thing most of us have in common is we sure love our electronic devices. This gives us a handy insight when looking to custom print a promo item that people will appreciate and keep in use. Custom device chargers are a great option for marketing campaigns, reselling and gifting as they keep the items closest to us usable, solving a widespread consumer need with minimal effort and expense.

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Why custom device chargers are so popular

Who wouldn’t want a device that they can use on a daily basis in their inventory? Lightweight, highly portable and above all – problem solving (because no one wants to run out of battery) branded chargers are a product that few people would choose to leave at home. This helps make sure your custom printed message stick close by where is needs to be.

Getting your company associated with being the solution

Creating an imprinted promo item like custom power banks that can travel with their owner is smart advertising, that’s for sure! Branded advertising is great, but why not take it to the next level and create a promo item that actually fulfills a customer’s need? Getting your brand associated with being there when needed is a great way to increase customer appreciation as well as remind them of your business each time they use their electronic accessory.

Advertising on the go

Electronic promotional items such as branded USB cables that can be carried about with their owner are a handy solution to mobile advertising - without the huge expense. With our options for vibrant colours, as well as sleek designs, your branded product will catch attention and get your message noticed with ease. So, whether you choose our custom wireless charging pads, our promotional charging cables or something else entirely, putting your message on an electronic promotional item is a great choice for portable public awareness and raising brand visibility in one.

Looking for something to gift or resell?

Whether you are looking for a gift for staff that they can make use of, or to resell in your store - electronic promotional items are something a wide audience could benefit from. From tablets to cell phones, our electronic devices are precious to us and the low battery sign is something no one wants to see. With that in mind, stocking or giving away and item that solves a common need is an awesome way to generate goodwill, sell to customers or even give away at promotional events. The short of it is, someone who is given a way of charging their important items isn’t going to let go of it anytime soon and are likely to appreciate you for creating it!

Reselling and gifting 101 (why creating the right item matters)

Even with the best custom printed logo, if it’s on the wrong item for your needs and audience, it’s an investment wasted. However, choosing something that appeals to a broad audience base can be time consuming and difficult. But before you go into a marketing spiral trying to create dozens of different products to promote your company, why not consider custom device chargers? With almost everyone from the age of juniors to seniors owning electronic devices, why wouldn’t you choose to imprint your logo or message onto an accessory to these common yet important items? It just makes sense!

So many options, so many styles!

From promotional USB chargers to branded portable phone chargers, having more choice means you can easily create something unique and tailored to your needs! No one wants to make the same as everyone else, because getting noticed and being remembered is what custom branding is all about after all! So why not check out our wide range of options from Dynamic Gift Canada and find the perfect item for you today?