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Top 50 Trending Promotional Items From Canada's Promo Products Supplier!

Welcome to our Top 50! This section features our list of the most popular items and hot promotional products that customers just can’t seem to get enough of. Any of these items can easily have your logo added to them for a unique product tailored to suit your needs. The varied price ranges and minimum order requirements make this a fantastic section for almost any budget or marketing plan! Effective and up to date advertising doesn’t have to cause you stress, so browse below and contact us for a quick quote to get started on being trendy today!

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What makes our Top 50 items so popular?

We think there’s no single reason but below are the reasons we think these items have found their place in the Top 50 hall of fame. So, if you are looking for the best promotional items you have come to the right place, but if you are interested in just exactly why these items are in the limelight then read on for more info!

Their frequent usage - It stands to reason that anything that gets used more often has a better chance to remind its owner of the message printed on it. A custom promotional item such as a pen that is in use every day has an advantage over an embroidered Christmas stocking that comes out once a year.

Their versatility - Many (but not all!) of our items in this category are also very versatile. This could be because a product that’s adaptable can more easily earn its place as an everyday item in the life of its owner much more easily than something that has only one purpose. Totes and bottles are consistently in our Top 50 and it may be for that very reason!

Their ability to be the solution to a common need - From promotional flags to increase brand awareness, to lanyards to keep that important ID secure, an item that solves a widespread problem is an item that is likely to be popular with resellers and the general public alike!

How can I benefit from choosing from these options?

By simply browsing our Top 50 you can instantly see what our satisfied customers think are the best promotional items out of all our thousands of products. Having a Top 50 that includes hot promotional products can help you choose the most popular tent, the snazziest pair of shades and get on board with what’s trendy for branded and custom printed items. But how can they benefit you and your specific promotional needs? Our Top 50 gives you an instant boost to see what people like and better narrow down what you would like for your event, store or gift selection! Not sure if your office would like promotional mugs or umbrellas? The Top 50 is here to show you just what people are focused on, helping you get something the public seem to love, or at least point you in the right direction!

Why not create some customer favourites to add to your store?

Are you looking to add a printed item to resell but are unsure what to choose? Our Top 50 can help you narrow it down and find something that’s likely to be a hit with your shoppers. From mugs, to a tote with your company name on to transport their purchases in – why not create a custom item to not only help generate sales but further your advertising reach once the item leaves your store? Choosing what to put in your store or stock for an event can be challenging but our Top 50 is a fantastic way to see what’s in demand, and maybe see something that you wouldn’t have considered until now!

Is it important to make a custom printed item in business?

Why choose a printed mug over a plain one? Why is a bag with a logo a hot promotional product that so many companies choose to invest in? It all comes down to brand visibility and customer recognition! A plain product won’t remind people of where they bought it, even if it was a great deal or free! A plain product won’t show other people who may not have visited your business where it came from and help generate extra visitors to your establishment. Custom promotional items are popular for many reasons, but here are three great ones:

They help spread the word of what matters to you - That pink pen is pretty, but who made it and why? Make sure you make the most of your investment because an unprinted item is often a product that is not living up to its potential and not helping your company the way it could with just that little extra personal touch.

They are a great, inexpensive form of advertising - Not all of us can afford that spinning light up billboard that dominates the highway and lures clients in like dazzled moths (or at least imprint the message on their retinas with its over the top lighting as they pass by). Advertising is often expensive, and few companies have as much of a budget as they would like to spend on it. Custom promotional items are fantastic for low cost marketing and with most of our Top 50 items being highly portable, they can help spread your message far and wide – without tossing your marketing dollars to the wind.

They raise awareness of your company’s presence in the world - Getting noticed can be tough in the competitive world and it’s rare that you are the only person in your field of expertise. This means grabbing customer attention, making them aware of your existence – these things can drastically improve sales and traffic to your business. Promoting yourself with a printed item helps raise public awareness and get you seen beyond the boundaries of your store or office. Get people talking about you and create some buzz by adding your logo to any of our Top 50 favourites!

Without a printed message no one will know why, and an item that could have been a promotional tool instead is a generic product that becomes quickly forgotten or discarded.

Spotting trends in one easy section (that’s right here!)

You don’t always know what to choose for your hot promotional product. With so much choice it can be all too easy to fall down a rabbit hole, get distracted or even forget your original ideas! Spotting trends can be time consuming and tricky, but with our Top 50 you can easily see what’s popular without having to invest the time, expense and manpower. So, if you are unsure where to look (hmm screen cleaning cloths or printed sunglasses?) a glance at our list of consumer favourites will quickly show you the most popular items.

Build up your brand image with items people just can’t seem to get enough of

Building an image from the ground up, or even doing promotion to raise awareness of existing imagery can be a lot of work, with many pitfalls for even the most experienced business owners. One area that money can easily be wasted time and time again is with the wrong promotional item. It doesn’t have to be something tacky or old fashioned, it’s just not right for your customer base.

This means you create something that sits on the shelf, or gets thrown out soon after it’s given to the recipient of your investment ( I can’t believe no one wanted those dancing neon gnomes, they are art I say! what do I do with five hundred of them?). Building up a business with coveted items from our Top 50 could be a fast track way to get seen, and with your own colour scheme and logo on it – remembered. ‘Oh hey, isn’t that the same company we got those gloves you wore to pieces from? We should go in and get another pair’.

Create a popular tie-in for your company!

From a gym that could benefit from a promotional water bottle line, to a coffee shop that is thinking of doing a rewards program with a bonus at the end – creating a tie-in can boost sales and encourage repeat custom. So why not use our Top 50 to get a sneak peek at what other people have chosen for inspiration and ideas? Incentives to increase loyalty only work if the incentive is something that people want so our list is a great place to get started on deciding what would work best for your customers needs.

Why not use our Top 50 to create an awesome and vibrant display for your event?

Going to an expo? Attending a trade show or vendor’s market? Whatever the event, you probably have your ‘greeting the customer’ speech all planned out (or maybe you just plan to holler into the crowd – no judgment here) but what’s going on that display table? You have those leftover pumpkin spice candles but it’s the middle of summer and they are looking frankly, like they have seen better days. Get some business swag or fantastic resale items from Dynamic Gift Canada and help your stand really ‘stand out’ (my boss says no more puns so that is the last, I swear)

Creating an eye-catching and visually appealing range of wares is easy with our products and with our Top 50 being literally the most popular items we have, choosing what to sell or giveaway can be easy and hassle free. Now all you have to do is go and laugh at your competition and their clearly ‘less cool’ items. Get ready for your event and be there in style, whatever the occasion, with custom printed promotional products from Dynamic Gift Canada.

Thinking of launching a new service? Make an impact with something popular!

Are you bringing out an awesome new service you want people to know about? Or maybe you just have such a great deal or promotion that you need to spread the message as far as you can, so no one misses out. Whatever the reason, choosing a popular item that can be imprinted or embroidered with your custom message or slogan is an awesome way to let people know. They might glance at that flyer but lose it somewhere in the house, or read your billboard then forget about it as they pass by - but a popular item like a promo pen that can be carried around is likely a great advertising choice. Make sure people hear about you and don’t forget by creating a sought after item with your message to remind them of what matters to you.

Give your staff something that’s on point, not yesterday’s news

From a great sales month to that team building meeting that everyone really bonded at, you want to say thank you for being a part of what matters to me, but how to do this? You might appreciate and respect those who work for you, but outside of work do you really know what they like or are interested in? Our Top 50 is a great starting point to show you which products people really want or need in their lives, and a fantastic place to start your quest of saying thank you meaningfully. Why not bring up the page while you are all together and find out sneakily what they really like?

Our top picks (queue staff fighting in 3, 2, 1)

We all like different things for different reasons, and our staff are no exception – but once the squabbling had died down, we ended up with this list of what we like and why.

Custom wireless chargers are a popular choice for their ease of use (no more fiddling around trying to get that phone to sit just right to charge, the future is here!).

Printed lanyards are popular because they can be so unique and funky, as well as keep that ID somewhere you can’t lose it.

We also love anything that can help raise a company’s visibility such as advertising flags or custom tablecloths. This is because we are a business and we know how important it is to be seen in the competitive world of today. Also, some of us just have an issue with unsightly uncovered expo tables!

Whatever you decide on, if you are looking for promotional product suppliers, or promotional products near Toronto we are here to help you. So, make the most of your investment with our high quality artwork service, competitive prices and experienced sales staff who are ready to help make your dreams of being popular a reality – with custom printed products!