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Custom Branded Yoga Mats & Promotional Pilates Mats in Canada

Once a niche market for only a committed few, thanks to social media, celebrities and ever increasing public interest in health and wellness – yoga is now more popular than ever before. It is a great way to exercise, without the boring repetition of some other activities, and classes for all levels are offered in almost every fitness centre in Canada. This means promotional yoga items custom branded with your logo or business message have the potential to provide not only great marketing, but promote better living and wellbeing for clients too. Custom logo yoga items have something for almost every budget and style, so check out our section today to see what could benefit your next event!

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Huge Branding Area On Our Yoga Mats

This makes custom branded yoga mats a great investment for your business as they are an item the customer genuinely wants to own. With the consumers mat being such a personal item they will be in close proximity to your printed yoga mat often and so reminded of your company every time they use it. Personal mats are also a must for most due to hygiene worries- after all, no one wants to be exercising in someone else’s second hand sweat!

People don’t ‘just’ exercise anymore.

How often do you see online someone showing the world they are working on themselves? After all- we all know that going to the gym or any class doesn’t count unless we show the world that we were there and with a printed yoga mat from your company your customer will unknowingly help do your promoting for you!

Lightweight and easily transportable with their own carry bag or strap option, this purchase will travel with it’s owner wherever they decide to practice. With an increasing number of classes being held outdoors for both promotional purposes and health benefits, having your logo on a promotional fitness mat is an effortless way to advertise your company. A wide range of colours and carry styles means creating a promotional fitness mat to please your target audience is only a few simple clicks away.

Set yourself apart from the masses.

With this easy purchase! A printed yoga mat is a great “sign up” incentive for membership at your fitness centre and will encourage the consumer to keep coming back making business and advertising easier than ever. A long lasting promotional fitness mat is also a great thank you for long term members, offering a personal touch that is so important in this modern, competitive world. Dynamic gift offers a wholesale discount to resellers, and a low price guarantee, making getting your message out into the world easier than ever before. With low minimum order quantities whether you are running a personal indoor class for a few, or an outdoor event for hundreds to follow along, we have the amount you need right here.

Not a gym? Think these aren’t for you?

Hold that thought a moment because it is no longer enough to be a faceless corporation! With information shared at the touch of a button and bad press just a snarky social media post away, smart companies are investing heavily in positive imagery to combat this. Purchasing a ‘give away’ item that promotes the health and well-being of both is an excellent way to show you are in touch and you care about the health of your staff and the general public- with the added bonus of free advertising and increased brand awareness.

Yoga was first recorded over 5,000 years ago in Northern India. Now a worldwide skill practised by millions that will never go “out of style” whatever changes the future brings. This makes advertising on a printed yoga mat a great investment for now and for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Get your company associated with this timeless skill practised in a cutting edge world and show people your company values tradition, modernism and above all, the health of the consumer, today!