Different customized headwear being worn by several young adults in downtown Toronto as well as a dog ready for a walk.

Embroidered or Printed Caps with Your Company Logo or Message

Embroidered caps and hats have many different uses. They are typically used for uniform purposes, such as a staff uniform, a team uniform, or a security uniform, etc. However, they can also be used as thank you gifts to clients and staff. They can even be handed out at family reunions, with your family name embroidered or printed on the hat. We have baseball style caps and pullover beanie hats. The knitted pullover hats are great gifts to give to staff during the cold winter months of Canada. If you are interested in ordering these hats for uniform reasons, you can order both the caps, and knitted pullover hats to suit all seasons.

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Creating Custom Embroidered & Printed Caps

From funky to functional, branded hats in Canada offer practical apparel in the form of custom caps with your company logo embroidered or printed on. With so many colour options and styles, you might be wondering where to begin, so here are some of the most asked questions and interesting pointers for custom hats in Canada.

What Types of Promotional Caps & Hats Are There?

What is a branded trucker cap? Are they only for truckers? Are baseball caps still popular for business logo promotions in Canada? Will this hat look good on me? While we can't answer all your questions, we have broken some of the most popular styles of caps and hats into easy points to help you discover the dream hat for your customization.

  • Beanies & Toques: Ah, what could be more iconic than stylish custom embroidered beanies out and about in the Canadian wild? Or at the grocery store...or the coffee shop. These hats offer a snug option for cooler months in Canada and are a popular choice for headwear.
  • Snapback Caps: What is a snapback cap exactly? These styles of custom baseball caps grew popular way back in the 90s and haven't left the promotional or apparel world since. Branded snapback hats are a style of cap with a snap closure at the back. This makes them easy to adjust and locks the preferred size in place more securely.
  • Stretch Mesh: Embroidered and printed stretch mesh caps are here to help your head stay cool while keeping the sun out of your eyes. This type of logo ball cap is made with mesh panelling to promote airflow and help prevent hair and scalps from becoming easily sweaty.
  • Trucker Caps: This style of cap comes with many names, depending on where you are! Sometimes you will hear the phrase gimmie cap, other times it's netback, but wherever you might be when they pop up in conversation, the design is usually consistent. These custom baseball caps generally feature a sturdier and more rigid look because, as another one of their names suggests, they were first primarily used by farm workers! Feed caps have evolved into the customized trucker caps that are recognized and loved in Canada today.
  • Bandannas & Tube Neckwear: Popular with everyone from chefs to pirates, custom bandannas help keep hair out of the way and sweat dripping onto food prep areas and other surfaces. Branded tube neckwear helps to push back the Canadian chill and avoid the easy-to-tangle downfall that scarves and other bulky or long neckwear can bring.
  • Stretch Cotton: This type of cap offers a typically less structured shape and is perhaps the most familiar style of customized baseball caps in Canada. Easy to wear and a great all-rounder, you can see these hats worn for gardening, golfing, hiking, exercise and more. Cotton material also offers a more natural, comfortable fibre and is great for items like headwear where body heat may get trapped.

So, what's your style? Or your customers at least? Are they a skater, a golfer looking for customized golf caps, or an outdoor enthusiast who wants a comfortable cap or toque for hiking? With this many options available, finding something for custom employee gifts and marketing rewards can be easy. It might also help explain why printed ball caps and custom branded beanies are so popular, but if you are interested in looking even closer, keep reading!

Why Are Caps & Hats with Company Logos Popular?

When it comes to finding customized hats in Canada, it certainly seems like you don't have to look far before you find one! With everything from sports teams to plumbing companies creating their own branded baseball caps, it looks like everyone in Canada is getting involved with these items. So, why are custom hats with logos so sought after?

  • Easy to Wear: Anything that's easy to do is more likely to be popular and branded caps and hats are some of the easiest promo apparel to put on! Once the headwear is on, it can help protect the head from sun and rain without cluttering up space or weighing the wearer down. This makes custom caps and hats a popular choice for headwear in Canada.
  • Even Easier to Notice: With promotional hats often being within easy eye level, this makes them a prime location for your branding. No one wants their message hidden or difficult to notice, and custom printed hats offer a great solution for logo awareness and brand retention.
  • Easy to Hand Out Who wants to struggle to events and marketing venues with dozens of heavy jackets for their promotion? Talk about heavy, and that's before we get to the price point. Custom branded beanie hats and caps offer a lightweight, less expensive option for getting your message onto apparel in Canada.

Find Something for Every Season with Customized Hats & Caps

There's no doubt that Canada is a beautiful country with many distinct seasons, but with those seasons comes the need to be prepared for different weather. Promotional hats offer options for all seasons from spring to winter (and all those summer days in between.) Browse options like snapback logo caps for additional shade or golf caps available to be custom embroidered with your design. As fall approaches, why not add your personal touch or logo to branded toques – the hallmark of Canadian winter headwear for generations. With so many options for every time of year, you can always find great quality hats for your event, giveaway or marketing occasion.

From Custom Logo Golf Caps to Snazzy Snapbacks, There's Something for Everyone.

Who's your target audience? Do you have a range of tastes, styles and interests to find something for? Branded caps and hats come in a great range of styles, colours and shapes – and this means there's something for almost everyone. Design something for commemorative occasions, to celebrate team building events and of course, for custom business gifts. Not seeing the customized hats in the style you had in mind? Message our team because we might be able to find it for you.

The Value of Branded Teamwear and Apparel with Your Custom Logo

Alongside tees, promotional caps are a popular item for teamwear for everything from baseball and sports groups to corporate events and even staff apparel. But why are hats the apparent go-to for Canadian team attire? One great reason could be that they effortlessly create a way for employees and team sports fans to recognize one another, even in the crowd. Their location also makes it easy for visitors to identify who is staff at events or venues where uniforms might otherwise be hidden by the crowd. When we think of the humble baseball cap we might think of them as informal, but with quality embroidery or vibrant print you can make workplace accessories that look awesome and display your logo or slogan for an extra professional finish. Creating a sense of unity between members is likely another key reason customized hats with logos are a popular choice. Add some team pride with unique hats tailored to events and workplaces available here.

Custom Baseball Caps Offer Something for a Wide Age Range

With options including youth and adult sizes, branded baseball caps offer something for a great age range and wide target audience. When you head to a baseball game or sports match, this style of cap is right there being worn by everyone from children to golden retirees. The sheer variety of people wearing them means you can appeal to a wider audience. Something that is enjoyed by many is also something that's more likely to be discussed with friends, family and acquaintances, and this includes popular apparel. Your logo caps for youth and adults could be the very thing to get people talking about what matters to your brand or business in Canada.

Choose Custom Hats with Your Logo Branded Here in Canada!

Our business offers embroidery customization options done right here in Canada, giving your brand the chance to support Canadian business as well as looking stylish. Inquire about our onshore branding options and get the quality you know your logo and clients deserve with our in-house design service and friendly, experienced sales team. We offer customized caps with low minimums and the option to order in bulk, depending on what you need. Best of all, designing branded New Era caps or logo golf hats doesn't have to leave you with a headache when you choose us. Inquire to discover how easy it can be.