Printed Trade Show Tents & Custom Logo Tents Made in Canada

Make your trade show tent the best! The brightest! The most enticing and stand superior in the crowded show room or conference hall! Breathe a little easier knowing that among the sweaty, bustling crowd of browsers and grumpy business rivals you are doing the most to bring in customers. Get noticed from a distance with your custom canopy and be as visually appealing as possible – order company branded pop up tents by Dynamic Gift Canada!

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From simple unbranded economy options to fully customizable promotional tents, we are ready to help make sure your business stays covered − when it comes to tents that is! Check out our awesome range today or see our information and suggestions below to find out how choosing custom printed tradeshow tents could be a great addition to your next promotional event.

Why choose us for your custom branded tents and tradeshow items?

When it comes to creating customized signage and tents for promotions, we have a wide range of options to help you get what you want, rather than settling on “what there is.” We understand the importance of personalized representation when it comes to trade shows, or any promotional event and that’s why we pride ourselves on the wide range of options we offer:

  • Size & Shape: Our custom logo trade show tents come in a huge variety of sizes − from a modest 5ft x 5ft to all the way up to 10ft x 20ft! This means whether you need a smaller promotional tradeshow tent to help your product stand out in a limited space or something that people can see with your branding on from even far away − we have what you need.
  • You want extras with that? If that wasn’t enough, we also have the option to add flags and banners, custom printed table cloths, or even promotional stretch display stands to fully utilize the area you have been designated and maximize visual impact! This means creating a fuller, more noticeable display or something simple with a few extra touches can be easy to do.
  • Canadian made options, supporting local business! The value of choosing local is something that the public have really become invested in during recent years, and you can get your custom logo tents from us made right here in Canada! This means great Canadian quality, local assistance for questions and more. Custom branded tents in Canada are available from us all year round, with fast production and shipping available or you can even pick up your own if that suits you better!

Good brand awareness = Good business

Getting noticed can be tough and that’s why investing in custom printed signage and promotional tradeshow tents can be a great option for helping your business to stand out and gain publicity. To break it down simply – customers can’t invest in you if they aren’t aware you exist, so get noticed! With even smaller tents being easy to spot from a distance, getting your logo or design above the heads of the crowd and in easy sight can be simple when you choose promotional printed tents to help with your brand visibility.

Staying cool while your brand shines bright!

With so many trade shows and promotional events being held outdoors, both your promotional swag, your staff and your customers can really be at the mercy of the weather! By creating an area where people and goods can stay out of the sun or dry from the rain, you can offer a more comfortable tradeshow experience and create an advertising space with extra appeal at the same time.

This means the potential to be a great crowd draw, opener for networking and best of all, you can help say goodbye to chasing after people on foot with your branding information when your business is the very place they are heading towards.

Why choose our business for your custom printed tradeshow tents?

So, we might have convinced you on the benefits to creating your custom branded tents in Canada, but why choose us? Creating a promotional custom printed tent can be a big decision for any business, and ours offers experienced staff to help you with every step of the process. From our friendly sales team ready to answer your questions to our free art service waiting to give your branding the quality finish it deserves, we are just waiting to help! All you have to do is set up your finished item, and even that is easy when you choose our awesome, easy to assemble custom branded tents − so get in touch with us today to get started making the most of your next promotion!