Young Canadians play sports and store their gym essentials in custom printed sports duffle bags before playing basketball, volleyball and working out.

Custom Branded Sports & Duffle Bags, Perfect Active Gear for Your Team or Staff

Staff Sports Bags and bags designed for players continue to be hot items in the corporate gift lineup. Each sport has their own requirements when it comes to equipment and apparel, thus a variety of Branded Sports Bags need to be offered. When choosing Custom Sports Bags for different sports, Companies need to take numerous factors into consideration, as this helps to ensure everyone finds exactly what they need. Following are three things to consider when purchasing bags of this type for promotional gift purposes.

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Storage Space

Although more storage space may seem better when it comes to a sports bag, this isn't necessarily the case. Consider the essentials of the sport and ensure the bag will accommodate those items. Once this has been done, retailers need to take into account the weight of the equipment. For example, golf clubs tend to be heavy while tennis rackets and balls are light. For this reason, a bag designed for use by a tennis player may have plenty of storage space and still be easy to carry. In contrast, a variety of golf bags should be offered to ensure every player can find a bag based on their playing preferences.

Quality Material

The material is also of importance when it comes to sports bags. Cotton and nylon are often desired, as bags made of these materials tend to last for an extended period of time, yet don't cost a fortune. Many individuals look for leather bags, as they want a high-end bag that is extremely durable, but leather tends to absorb smells, thus this should be kept in mind when selecting bags for different sports. Leather may be appropriate for golf clubs, but not for the baseball player who will throw their shoes and uniform into the bag regularly. The material also factors into the care of the bag. Can the bag be washed? Does it need to be dry cleaned? Players want a bag that is easy to care for, as they wish to focus on their skills and game play.

High Functionality

If the sport is one that requires the use of uniforms or special clothing, offer consumers bags with a separate section for wet or dirty clothes. This ensures all items in the bag aren't soiled when the clothing is dropped into the bag. In addition, the bag should separate toiletries from gear and should easily fit into a locker, allowing the participant to secure their items when they are playing. As with storage space, organization is key in a sports bag, so keep this in mind when choosing which bags to sell.

Custom Sports Bags tend to be hot sellers, yet the key to satisfied customers is ensuring a wide range of Sports Team Bags is offered. In addition, make certain staff members understand the advantages and disadvantages of the Custom Sports Bags sold. Although a customer may wish to have a bag with extra storage space, employees need to be able to explain the benefits and drawbacks of this space, for example. With the right bags and knowledgeable staff, retailers find these bags to be of great help in ensuring their customers have everything they need for their preferred sport. For this reason, every business should look into Wholesale Sports Bags as part of their overall sporting goods selection.