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Custom Branded Pet Accessories at Canada's Most Competitive Prices

Getting people to trust you with their pets is no easy task. It takes careful planning, constant brand expansion and overall consistency when building up your marketing efforts is crucial. Be that as it may, branding always boils down to developing trust and loyalty and every vet surgery, pet grooming business or animal shelter can benefit from the items we provide. All designed to lead to the development and nourishment of your business.

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Give something back for the loyalty that you get!

Promotional pet items are a great way to build trust with potential new clients or customers but they are also a great way to solidify the bond with the old ones. Loyalty needs to be recognized and rewarded in order to maintain it, otherwise, no distinction between those customers that are devoted to your brand and casual customers or clients is made, meaning that those that are loyal are left with no concrete benefits from the trust they put in. There are a few things that can beat a loyal fan base made up of customers who will be honest, join your promotional campaigns and answer surveys with the best intentions in mind. This gives you a great control group for any kind of experimenting when it comes to changes in business policies, new services and products.

The exposure that useful promotional gifts can offer is significant, especially for products that are used on a daily basis. This is why we offer a wide variety of promotional products to suit any business profile, but still remain useful.

Pet focused promotional products

We offer a wide variety of promotional pet products to boost your marketing campaign and give something back to your customers for their loyalty. There is something for everyone here, from throw toys, to litter scoops and pet bowls. They were all chosen because they have a surface suitable for branded printing, be it your company name, logo or something else entirely. Contact us so that we can discuss the design of your pet promotional product for maximum exposure. We guarantee the highest quality of printing and the delivery of all the items in perfect state, and we can even put a rush on things if you are in a hurry. Precision printing goes without saying. There is nothing worse than a poorly made promotional gift since it leaves an air of tackiness and lack of professionalism behind it.

These products are perfect for promotional purposes of veterinarian clinics since you can actually target who needs what and which product they will find more useful. The true potential of a promotional product really kicks in when you provide someone with something they actually find useful. They also fit in quite well for the promotional purposes of animal shelters and raising the general awareness of animal rights. Ultimately, a lot of people have pets, and there are those that do really care about them. Every person that has a pet will greatly appreciate this type of gift, and will be thankful for it. Feel free to call us to discuss your order or you can simply inquire about it through our chat support.

Anyone who doesn't think Promotional pet items are effective should take it up with George Washington. In 1789, when George was first elected president of the brand-new United States, commemorative buttons were passed out lobbying for his election. These commemorative buttons were the very first promotional items.

From that day to this, promotional items have been a very effective marketing strategy. It's unknown when promotional items were first used in Canada, but Canadians like and use Promotional items for vets as much as people elsewhere.

Consider This if You're Not Sure About Using Our Products...

  • 89% of consumers remember the name of the business that gave them a promotional item for two years
  • Almost everyone (89% of consumers) has at least one promotional item in their kitchen
  • 74% of people have a promotional item in their work area
  • 80% of consumers possess 1-10 promotional items

What Do People Prefer in Promotional Products?

  • Usefulness ranks first with 77% of consumers
  • If the item was considered useful, 69% of people will pick it up from a counter or other area
  • Health and safety products, pens, and computer-related items are considered very useful
  • Wearable items are everyone's favourites
  • Bags, pens, mugs, and calendars rank second
  • Women prefer pens, bags, and calendars
  • Men choose caps and shirts

Promotional Items Boost the Effectiveness of Other Advertising

  • Sending a promotional item with an appeal letter boosts the number of referrals by 500%
  • Increase the effectiveness of media advertising by as much as 44% by including a promotional product
  • Mugs with logos are particularly effective. When compared to radio and TV ads, almost twice as many people (57%) remembered the name on the mug than from the ads (about 30%)

People Keep and Use Promotional Products

  • More than half of consumers (53%) use a promotional item at least once a week
  • 60% of consumers report that promotional items are kept for as long as two years

Great Promotional Products for Vets to Give Pet Lovers

Vet promotional products are extremely useful in building customer loyalty. Including the vet's emergency number almost guarantees that the product will be kept and used. Following are suggestions for some items that would be welcomed and used.

  • Dog leashes are always useful
  • The Pro Pet Harness would be a welcome gift
  • Bags are always popular and could be given with product purchases
  • No one has too many mugs. They last a long time, and the vet's name and number are seen every day
  • A solar or clip-on pedometer would be a great item that someone could use it to keep track of their steps when walking their dog

Use your imagination

Almost any promotional item would work for a vet. When choosing an item, remember to keep these factors in mind:

  • The item must be genuinely useful
  • It must be an item that can be used for at least a year
  • Combine the promotional item with other advertising to dramatically boost the ad's effectiveness

Promotional items are extremely useful in establishing the name of the vet practice in the local community. People are becoming increasingly "deaf" to many forms of advertising, but a hat that is worn every day, a mug used for the morning's tea or coffee, or a leash used for every walk keep the name of the veterinarian before the client. The phone number is easily accessible when it's time to make an appointment or there's an emergency. The use of promotional products isn't a new idea, but it works even better than ever today.

Pet owners will stop at nothing to give their cuddly friends everything

Promotional products aren't just for people—they're great for pets, too. From Printed dog leashes to practical feeding bowls, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing pet promotional products. Almost 62% of households have a dog or other pet, and owners are delighted when they receive appealing, useful items for their pets. With the following items, business owners can build bonds with their pet-loving customers.

Food and Water Bowls

Break out the cold water and crunchy kibble—it's time for a snack! Printed pet bowls are a welcome sight to cats and dogs in Canada, and they can make a great marketing tool for any pet-centric business. The owner will see the dishes every time they give their pet food and water, which means the company will stay in their mind.


Dogs love promotional cookies and bones. A 3D logo can be included on the treats, or the company's name can be printed on the bag. Promo treats make a great filler for coffee mugs, and it helps to keep the company's logo around long after the dog or cat has eaten all the treats.


Most places have leash laws, which means animals must be leashed at all times when outdoors. Personalized dog leads help to promote pet-oriented businesses while giving dog owners the means to stay in compliance with the law. They're great giveaways for veterinarians and groomers, but any pet-focused company can give them out.


Printed dog toys are an ideal way to increase the fun quotient of a marketing campaign. Add the company's logo to items like tennis balls, flying discs and rope toys, and get the message out while providing customers with great gifts their dogs are sure to love.

Pet Accessories

People love getting free things, especially when those gifts are something they'd have to buy otherwise. Pets need basic accessories such as collars and leashes, but extras such as doggie bandanas make an ideal giveaway for pet supply stores, dog trainers, and other animal-related businesses.

When marketing to owners of dogs, cats, and other animals, there's nothing like free items to put the brand in front of the right audience. People remember a company that provides them with something useful such as a Wholesale dog leash. If a pet owner gets something practical for their pet, they'll think of the company every time they use it.