Happy pets relaxing after enjoying promotional pet products and swag given to them by their Canadian owners.

Custom Branded Pet Accessories for Canada's Love of Pets!

Did you know we are a nation of pet enthusiasts? Get your brand involved with Canada's love of pets and offer your client's four-legged friends some awesome custom pet swag with your branding. Choose from promotional pet food bowls for branded giveaways and rewards, or get your business involved with luxury pet items with stainless steal pet bowls. Whatever you choose, you don't have to be an animal centre or veterinarian service to enjoy the benefits of imprinted rewards for pets. Start browsing to find the perfect item for your next event right meow!

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What Are the Best Promotional Pet Products for Branding?

We love our four-legged friends in Canada, and our promotional and marketing industry certainly reflects this! Branded pet rewards are everywhere, from tradeshows to dog parks – but which option is the best or most popular? That really depends on what you need them for! Are you a dog-walking business interested in creating custom printed dog leashes to promote your company? Are you a pet shelter looking to create useful custom logo pet items for clients to take away with their new adoptees? There is no single answer to which personalized items for pets in bulk is the best – and this is because every business has different needs! Whatever you decide on, getting your brand on something linked to Canada's love of pets could be a great marketing move for your company recognition.

Why Choose Branded Pet Products for Clients?

We mentioned earlier that Canadians seem to be pet crazy, and this was no lie! A survey suggests that approximately 56% of households in Canada have one dog or cat at the very least. That's over half of the population! But what does this mean for your business? It means that where there is an interest there is almost always a need and promotional pet gifts for clients, staff and customers could be the perfect solution. Choose from custom printed dog bowls for handy pet feeding with a personal touch. Or, how about printed disposable pet bag carriers with carabiners for adding convenience to those...less enjoyable pet chores for customers. Giving your recipients something useful could be the perfect way to keep your message close and involved with Canada's love of animals!

What Types of Custom Logo Pet Products are Available?

You might be considering pet promo items for your next marketing campaign or giveaway, but feel a little overwhelmed with the choices available! Below is our handy breakdown of the types of printed products for pet promotions and their potential benefits. Not seeing the style you had in mind? We might still be able to get it, so contact us today!

  • Custom Branded Pet Bowls: Adding your design to these products could be a great way to help make sure your logo and branding are in view daily. Printed bowls for pet food made from metal or plastic have the potential to be out on display all day, helping remind the pet owner of your business with each refill. You can choose from bulk engraved dog bowls for luxury pet owner gifts or custom printed plastic food bowls for pets to promote your brand on an economical wide scale.
  • Promotional Pet Toys: We all know that one of the best parts of being a pet owner is when it's playtime, and branded toys and activity items for pets offer a great way to engage with pet activities and leisure time. Your business might not be able to be there to throw the ball, but getting your brand onto imprinted toys for dogs could be the next best thing!
  • Practical Custom Pet Accessories: Where there are pets, there are, unfortunately, expenses. Helping your recipients to save money, even on a modest scale, could be a great way to promote your brand. Choose from promotional printed dog leashes and branded pet collars for a practical gift and giveaway for pet owners. These items could also be a great choice for new pet owners, who might not have all the essentials they need just yet, and make great thank-you and promotional rewards even on a budget.

What to Consider for Custom Logo Pet Products

If you are still unsure which item to add your design to for promotional items for dogs and cats – a great place to start is to consider what you need it for. Are you creating promotional gifts for pet owners with low minimums? Or are you heading to a tradeshow and looking to promote your pet-related business? With so many options available, from branded pet toys in bulk and custom logo bulk pet dishes to luxury dog bowls for food and water, there's something for almost every business in this section!

You Don't Have to be a Pet-Based Company to Benefit from Promotional Pet Swag!

Think cat and dog promotional items are just for businesses linked to pets? Think again! You might be surprised to know that many businesses that have no involvement with pets still take advantage of the pawesome potential benefits they can bring. Although vet services, pet shelters, doggy daycares and pet walking services might find pet swag an obvious go-to – you don't have to be involved with our four-legged friends to enjoy the benefits of imprinted pet rewards. We mentioned earlier that Canada's love of pets is in the clear majority for statistics – and this means great marketing potential for your brand when it comes to recognition, awareness and retention. Getting your design onto promotional products is often more about what your target audience would appreciate – rather than what your business is involved in. From custom stainless pet bowls with logos to pick-up printed pet bag carriers, the sheer variety of options available indicates that this style of marketing is certainly a popular one! Don't miss out on the chance to get involved with our love of cute and fluffy – take a look because the perfect item for your pet-loving clients could be right here in this section.

The Value of "Pawsitive" Marketing and Brand Awareness

The bottom line is that as Canadians, we simply love and adore our pets. They are considered family and often the centre of attention in homes or even on trips out and vacations. These happy, quirky, sometimes strange creatures deserve the best – and your clients know it! Allow your business to reward their doting owners and give our furry superstars some pet swag they could really appreciate with custom branded pet items for your next event. They would thank you if they could, but the next best thing could be their owners remembering your business and being grateful for it!