Canadians save time by getting their custom promotional items ordered through our rush service for events and conferences.

No Time? No Problem! These Popular Products are Available for 3 Day Rush or Faster!

By using this express service your order skips the usual production queue and is sent through a priority artwork and approval process. Simply confirm your order with payment and shipping details before 12:00pm (noon) eastern time and your items will be shipped within 3 business days or less! In most cases, rush items must be only a single colour imprint to a single location, but please check with your customer representative to confirm. Reduce stress and save the day with Dynamic Gift, order our rush service today!

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The world moves quickly and sometimes it can be hard to keep up, no matter how organized you are. Calendar events that seemed months away are suddenly upon us and we aren’t always ready for them! Or sometimes an event comes up that presents a great opportunity that you just can’t afford to miss out on. Whatever the cause, Dynamic Gift Canada is here with our rush promo goods to help get you ready to go, even on short notice!

Are you really ready for your trade show?

We aren’t trying to psych you out; we are just checking! You have likely already got your products in order for that important event - but did you remember your advertising? Trade shows are often a crucial time for raising consumer awareness, as well as making connections and sales and it’s a cliché but every little detail really does matter. Some companies even rely on these calendar events to get their revenue for the year or ensure business growth and development. This shows us how important these dates are for businesses of all sizes, and why looking your best to others, matters.

Self promotion of your own person might be frowned on in society but self promotion in business is one of the keys to success! Advertising your name in a clear and easy to read manner, looking appealing to draw people to your stall - these things can make the difference between a booth that is busy and one that is neglected. This is why we offer a range of rush order trade show items to help you get the professional look you deserve, even in a hurry. From tablecloth covers to hide that unsightly fold up plastic table to flags and even tents we have the extra touches that can turn your stall from ‘well, we are here’ to ‘we are here!’.

And speaking of tents (because we are a little obsessed with the importance of them), even the most organized person can’t rely on the weather to behave. Because it just won’t. Maybe you have planned everything to the last item and then notice the upcoming forecast suddenly has wind and rain scheduled (of course there’s a snowstorm in summer because that’s when your event is - and mother nature has a certain sense of irony). Or maybe a sudden heat wave means you and your staff will be stood under the baking sun for the day. Whatever the weather, you still need to attend, you can’t afford to miss out - but now you need shelter if you and your important products aren’t to be drenched. Our rush order tents can give you the protection you need and still allow you to shine on that important day, no matter how gloomy it turns out to be!

Given a last-minute opportunity you can’t miss?

It happens and it’s likely no one’s fault. Maybe another person cancelled, or an event spot opened up somewhere that was previously full. Whatever the reason, now you suddenly have an event on your calendar that’s coming up fast, where before there was only serene and calm empty space. You want to make the most of it and promotional items are an ideal way to make the most of this unexpected opportunity but... you don’t have any. Because you weren’t expecting to need them and now suddenly you are the equivalent of the person trying to buy a turkey at the last minute before Christmas.

Well we are the people who can supply that turkey - if by turkey you mean promotional pens, mugs, bags and more all with your logo on it. You don’t have to resort to desperately writing your companies name and phone number on 500 mugs a week before your date. Instead you can contact us about our hot promo products and we will help you get your promotional ready on time and leave you to focus on other things (by the way, did you write that speech yet?)

Merry Christmas er... Jenkins? (It is Jenkins isn’t it?)

Because we mentioned Christmas in the last section, we are going to keep focused for a second on that most loved and dreaded holiday of the year, the one that catches us all out in some way- that’s right. Christmas. And Santa Claus may be coming down the chimney, but your office has no fireplace and suddenly you need gifts for a dozen people you don’t know outside of work. You forgot all about it until Barbara gave you that hand knitted sweater yesterday and now you feel like everyone is watching you, marking off every day you come into the office empty handed.

Or maybe you work with so many people that although you want to thank them, even all of Santa’s elves themselves couldn’t come up with enough gifts in time. And the expense of individual gifts wakes company bookkeepers up throughout the country in a cold sweat. But you don’t want to be ‘that boss’ impersonal, cold, insensitive... unfestive. That kind of chill can follow you well into the summer months and long after your staff have thrown their ‘gift’ from you in the New Years trash. That’s why getting promotional items with a customized message or logo on them is such a great solution to your gifting woes. It shows you were thoughtful enough to go and get something made more unique and that you tried. And hey, really isn’t that what the holidays are about?

Helping you keep your cool during the summer season

Summer is a great time for events and promotional giveaways. The public might be reluctant to leave their houses in the freezing winter, but they are out in force for the good weather, and you want to be there too. Relax and let us handle your promotional items whether its a music festival with thousands of event goers, or a pop-up stall by the beach - we have you covered. Many of our rush order items are great for giveaways or reselling during the summer, from sunglasses to can coolers and more - we will help you make the most of the summer season, all you have to do is mind out for sand and sunburn!

Giveaways in a hurry that won’t giveaway your wallet!

We offer a huge range of items that are competitively priced and also come in a price range to cater for all budgets. From rush promo items such like our pens, that could be the very thing to give out at your expo without thinking ‘there goes ten bucks’ with each hand out - to funky gifts like our sunglasses, that are a great choice for the summer months where no one wants to carry around anything heavy. We understand that most promo events have an endless budget and our pricing represents that, even when you need things in a hurry! So, for fast promotional items and rush swag orders that won’t leave you feeling like a Canadian goose just mugged you for your money, contact us today!

Sold out in a hurry? Time to restock fast!

As much as we try, it is sometimes impossible to predict just how fast something will sell out. From social media viral trends to a sudden bus load of cheerful tourists all buying the same item - out of stock happens. And out of stock means no more income until there’s stock once more. Getting restocked can be time consuming and in the meantime, you have to field disappointed customers who suddenly can’t buy that custom printed mug they had their eye on.

Being out of stock can even lead to negative reviews due to frustration and wasted journeys by patrons. The sooner you get those printed bags back in stock the better, and our rush order system helps you get your merchandise in a hurry and fill those empty shelves quick (is that another coach I hear pulling up outside?)

Have you been allocated a space at a show that’s just not... great?

We don’t always get to pick our pitch for events. Even if you are happy to pay more money to be near the entrance on the main floor, it’s not an option and now you are stuck somewhere behind a pillar or worse. No one will be looking at you because they can’t see you or all they are looking at those delicious food stands nearby instead. Well you might not be bringing food, but you still deserve attention, so make sure you get it! Promotional flags are a way to get seen, and we offer some of our lines on a rush order option, meaning you can draw people’s gaze and make the most of your boundaries by advertising tall, making the most of your space and taking some of the focus from that pesky pretzel cart, and back to where you want it to be.

Bag yourself a rush order item that your customer will thank you for

You might be ready for your event, but have you given any thought about how your customers are going to carry away all their loot? Events often last for the whole day and people are far from their cars. Few people want to be weighed down like they have just won big on a game show, no matter how awesome the items you are offering are and might refuse them, even if they are free! By providing promotional bags you are providing a solution to their dilemma, without great expense.

By offering custom printed bags at events you also have the perk of your printed item being carried around and used in the future, helping raise brand awareness for you even when the tents are taken down and the day is over -pretty awesome for a last minute item right?

And lastly, you might not be able to paste over your rival’s product, but a printed bag would certainly help cover it! Promotional bags are a great method of helping to make sure your logo is the one that gets seen. So what if they chose a snow globe from your competitor? It’s going in the bag you created and that my friend, is meaningful advertising (and definitely not petty behaviour)

Hop on trends before they change

With our fast lifestyle comes fast trends and shifts in customer focus and you can’t always keep on top of what’s ‘in’. Were you visiting a similar venue to yours and you saw an item that just seemed like a fantastic idea and you want to do something like it? That coffee shop that had branded mugs and are now being featured on social media, giving them free advertising. You want this for your company and fast, before the trend dies down. Staying up to date can be achievable if the company you are working with understands the importance of speed (nudge nudge, that’s us!) With our rush order options you can have that printed item and get on trend, instead of being the company that gets labelled as behind the times.

Make your great idea a reality before it gets forgotten

Ideas for your company to promote growth and raise your public profile are fantastic but, sometimes what gets brainstormed in the boardroom can get sidelined in favour of other projects afterwards. You are all in agreement that it’s a great plan, but no one has the time to get it in motion! Rush orders are an awesome fast track way to quickly turn dreams into reality and with our wide choice of minimal ordering quantities. It also gives the option for you to trial run a batch to gauge their success before jumping in with both feet!

Whatever the reason for your rush, let us at Dynamic Gift Canada help you

From seasonal events you aren’t quite ready for, to unexpected events that catch you by surprise - real life happens and it’s not always orderly. Whatever your event, we offer dozens of different items that can still be branded and shipped out in a short amount of time, helping you find what you need in the time frame you need it by. If you are looking for custom promotional products near Toronto, or anywhere else in Canada - why not reduce your stress and lighten your workload with our rush order options. Our dedicated and highly experienced staff are ready to get started so why delay anymore - after all it’s a rush isn’t it?