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photos of a stretch table cloth and a fitted table cloth with key features listed; ultra vibrant full colour printing, standard sizes and custom styles available, high quality materials and made in canada

Stand Out with Our Printed Table Cloths & Customized Event Covers

With extremely vibrant full colour printing and complete custom made sizes there really isn't any reason not to order one of our custom event table cloths, don't be drowned out by your competition at the next trade show or expo. Brand these table covers with your logo, images, graphics and gradients to create the ultimate trade show display. Don't forget we offer a completely free design service, highly competitive prices and products made in Canada.

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Printed Table Cloths are the perfect branded item for any trade show, business expo, or other gatherings where a company is attempting to attract new clientele. They create a colourful, professional appearance for any table and have the dual benefit of also acting as signage. The use of these table coverings makes it easy for people to spot the business from a distance. Most trade show suppliers in Toronto Ontario offer table coverings, but using Custom table covers rather than generic rental cloths makes a display stand out and get noticed. They are also useful backdrops for photographing products because they advertise the company in a bold, attractive manner.

Custom table covers can make a big impact

Event table cloths with custom designed branding are printed to perfectly display the image or graphics of your brand when they are in use. They create a professional appearance that will attract more positive attention to any trade display. The coverings are UV fade resistant, so the colours will remain true even when displayed for hours at a time during an outdoor venue. Because they are coated the print will not run or bleed if they are exposed to liquids. A small rainstorm or an interested bystander spilling their drink while looking over the products will be easy to wipe away with no damage to the cloth. Each cloth is made to fit any table size, so there is no worry about a cloth revealing unattractive table legs or becoming a tripping hazard because it is too long. The range of ink colours makes it easy to choose the combination that matches each brand exactly.

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Using Your Table Covers At The Event

Printed Table Cloths are perfect for every trade show but do not need to be discarded once the expo season ends. The stretch table cloths in particular are also useful for dressing up a display area in a sales office, acting as the base of a tabletop window display or to cover the tables at a corporate business meeting. Because they are durably made, they are strong enough to endure travelling across Canada for use at a number of conventions. They are also useful for sales people during a live demonstration when they are introducing the public to their products at shops, malls or wherever they may travel.

Measuring Each Table

Printed Table Cloths should be ordered specifically for each table that is frequently used for displays to ensure the perfect fit and finished appearance. There are fitted and stretch fitted versions available as well as draped cloths. For a draped tablecloth the table top length, width and height is needed. Note what each measurement is with the height listed as "The Drop" and whether inches or centimetres were used for the measurement to ensure the proper size is sent. The customer can adjust the drop measurement to allow the cloth to be whatever length they prefer on their table. Some customers want the cloth to extend just beyond the top while others want it to skim the ground. If fitted or stretch-fitted cloths are ordered, the exact height should be given or the cloth may not fit properly or stretch adequately under the table legs as designed.

You need this item at your next trade show

Custom cloths look great on every table in a trade show booth or used alongside solid table coverings to make the main display stand out better. They are an affordable accessory that greatly increases the professionalism of the display. A custom fit helps to keep the cloth in place on the table and the coating protects the print and helps the material stay flat. The logo and colours make the entire display photo-ready for businesses that want flattering images for their social media pages, websites, and other advertisements.

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