Three images of promotional highlighters are being used to encourage learning, note highlighting and information organization across schools and businesses in Canada.

Promotional Printed Highlighters & Custom Markers with Fast Turnaround at Great Prices

Help make sure your marketing campaign is the highlight of everyone’s day - literally, by choosing branded highlighter pens for your next promotional item! Custom printed highlighters are a great way to create affordable advertising that can be accessed by a wide range of people, helping spread your message far and wide - without the dreaded cost of large scale advertising. Get creative with your next promotion, contact Dynamic Gift Canada today and let us help! Browse our range and discover even more benefits that come with selecting custom markers as your next promotional tool.

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Small doesn’t have to mean underwhelming - when you choose the right promotional product!

We might be tempted to dismiss things like promotional highlighters from our campaign on the basis that they are so small compared to many other products, but before we do that let’s look at the benefits that being small can bring. Small = portable and portable = likely to stay with their owner in their bag or pocket on their day to day travels. That promotional kettle you are considering could be a great choice, but how many people will see it and become aware of your brand? Custom markers are small but their ability to travel isn’t and the more people who see your marketing product and learn about your existence, the better chance you have of creating a buzz about what matters to you, gaining inquiries and even an increase in sales. Suddenly promotional highlighters don’t seem so humble!

Vibrant and eye catching

There aren’t many products we can choose to sensibly market with neon colours unless that is our brands colour scheme, but neon does get attention. Naturally drawing people’s eyes, anything with brightly coloured can be a great advertising tool but before you go covering your staff in aggressively bright clothing, there is another way! Highlighters are one of the few items we expect to be bright and cheerful and they can draw attention without risking people turning away going ‘who created that?’ They are also inexpensive and so give you the ability to create a promotional tool that is colourful and appealing to a crowd, without the expense of buying many higher cost, different coloured items. To sum up, branded highlighter pens are affordable, eye catching and fun, without being tacky - sounds good for advertising, right?

Create an imprinted promotional item people need

From students who have a lot to study and need to highlight the most important parts, to office workers who have been given a two dozen page memo that only a few lines apply to them - learning often begins with deciding what is or isn’t important to us. You might not be allowed to tear out the pages of the company handbook you were gifted at your work without getting strange looks, so marking what matters is really the next best thing. This shows us that promotional highlighters are a sought after item for a wide audience range - making them a powerful advertising tool for you.

'Hey, that’s mine!' Why pen hoarders can be your new marketing best friend

We all know that person in class or at the office. The one who has everything colour co-ordinated and is so organized you want to cover up your desk in shame every time they go past in a blaze of colour coordinated glory. The one with different little tabs for each section of work and rows of smug, pristine pens and highlighters ready for action, silently mocking you as you scribble away with your one trusty, cracked pen. This might be an exaggeration but when we look at this objectively, it shows us how even the smallest of items such as highlighters can help attribute high standards and an image of ‘togetherness’ to a person. Stationary items are not only highly useful but their associated with being successful in life, and this gives us a little insight to the true value of branded highlighter pens to the public.

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Whether you are looking for promotional highlighter pen combos, custom markers or something else entirely that you just haven’t spotted on our website yet, we are ready to help you begin that next big thing. We offer friendly, professional staff, fast quoting and an art service that will help you get what you had in mind, rather than settling for what ‘will do’. Contact us today and let Dynamic Gift be the highlight of your advertising experience!