Promotional kitchen and living items used by new homeowners and couples in Canada to meal prep and save money on ordering food.

Custom Printed Kitchen Items & Corporate Kitchen Gifts

According to the latest facts and figures, we devote little more than an hour each day to eating with about the same amount of time spent on meal prep and cleanup. That being said, the kitchen sees far more than simple dinnertime rituals, making it the perfect setting for strategically planned promotional items. Promoting your company doesn't have to be another chore, we make getting the right branded gift easy. Reach out to us and request a quote on any of our promotional kitchen gifts and our team will respond within minutes with a written quote and free virtual mock up.

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Get Your Message Into the Heart of Homes With Branded Kitchen & Bar Accessories

From promotional food containers to luxury custom charcuterie boards and barware, branded bar accessories and kitchen gifts offer a wide range of options for personalization needs. With so many choices available, taking a closer look at why custom kitchen utensils and wine accessories are so popular for everything from giveaways to branded business gifts in Canada makes sense!

Where is the heart of the home? It might vary from household to household, but for many of us, it's probably the kitchen! Cooking everyday meals, hanging out drinking coffee together, lunch prep, snack time – when we stop and think about how many times we visit the kitchen every day, it's easy to see why the kitchen has earned its "wholesome heart" title. What does this mean for executive gifts or promo ideas though? It means there's an opportunity to create something useful for the home! This is great news for repeat brand exposure and awareness, and just like those pesky dishes, the benefits keep coming. Continue reading to find out how choosing kitchenware for custom gifts for employees could be the perfect solution for your business rewards.

Custom Printed Kitchen & Barware. Creating Promotional Corporate Gifts With a Purpose

Anyone who has had to shop around for business gifts in Canada probably knows that it can be a little...overwhelming. With multiple employees or clients to find something for, and you not knowing everyone's likes and dislikes (was it Janet who didn't like purple, or Bill?) Finding custom corporate gifts can quickly turn from a fun experience into a gifting nightmare! Fortunately, choosing practical reward ideas like branded wine boxes and customized cutting boards can offer sophisticated convenience for your corporate gifting. After all, we all like different things for our styles and personal tastes, but we are united by our need to eat and drink!

Have you chosen your branded executive gifts elsewhere, only to remember that they are already pre-printed? Wine is a popular gift for clients and employees – but wine bottles already have a pre-branded label with no room for your obviously cooler and more important design. Custom wine boxes, however, can provide a personal touch and a great way to present your chosen bottle! Choose from wooden options, PU leather or card and add a personal touch to a product that could be reused for storage, travel or even display purposes – long after your wine has mysteriously vanished!

Make an Impression With Custom Printed Kitchen Accessories

Branded kitchen utensils give your business more than just any old location for its design. Whisks, measuring cups, containers printed with your logo – there aren't many kitchen activities that only use one item at a time. Making custom cocktails or even simple mixers? No one wants to be caught stirring their drink with a fork or, worse, a finger - it's just not...classy. The need for kitchen and bar accessories means you can find something for just about everybody's home (because who has everything?). Adding your personal touch to useful items for the home helps your information stay close to hand during culinary events, cookouts, home bartending and more. With promotional kitchen tools being so handy, you can also help reduce the dreaded risk of your investment becoming overlooked or even thrown away. With an estimate of over 80% of Canadians enjoying cooking, giving your brand the chance to be an assistant chef in the kitchen sounds like great potential to us!

Getting Your Brand Involved with Mealtime

"Food's ready!" "Pass the salt, please!" "Hey, don't forget your lunchbox!" How often do we hear these phrases and others like them? Pretty frequently! We all need to eat and drink, and pairing your message with important kitchen essentials means the potential of getting your brand involved with mealtimes, commutes and even trips out for picnics and BBQs. With any repetitive use comes the chance for your information to have a seat at the table or social event, and this helps to make printable kitchen tools and accessories for business gifts and promotions a great marketing tool any time of the year.

What Options for Promotional Kitchen Gifts Can I Custom Brand?

Our kitchen range is almost as extensive as a full menu and, like any menu – breaking it down into categories is important for easy reading and deciding on your favourite!

  • Custom Food Containers: Reusable, versatile, useful. Branded food containers for storage of snacks, lunches and dinners give your logo a backdrop that can be in use and on display every day! With so many of us taking our food from home to cut down on expenses or lunchtime queues, promotional food containers and reusable bags could be a great choice for your branding needs.
  • Charcuterie Boards: There are few things quite as timelessly elegant as custom charcuterie boards, and these products offer more than just a place for your engraved message. They provide an art piece that could be at the very centre of dinner parties and social occasions. With options including specially sourced and repurposed wood and choices made right here in Canada – your brand could be the star of the party with charcuterie boards with logos.
  • Branded Cheese Cutting Boards: Cutting & cheese boards offer a more practical and economical option than their charcuterie counterparts while still looking great at the dinner table or kitchen! Custom cutting boards can be made from wood, bamboo, slate and more – giving your brand a stylish option for customization and a great home accessory for your clients.
  • Promotional Bar Accessories: Whether you are a business involved with beer, a winery looking for customized products or know your clients enjoy their craft beers or Ontario wines, bar accessories could be a great choice for you. Not limited to promoting just bars and breweries, branded bar accessories also offer a popular option for business gifting. With options including custom flight paddles and luxury wine cases, all you have to do is decide which you like best!
  • Kitchen Knives for Business Gifts: Branded kitchen knives might not look quite as glamorous as engraved charcuterie boards, but few kitchen activities and tasks would get done without them! These essential pieces of kitchenware offer your clients a quality item to help make chopping, dicing and slicing at meal prep times easier and create a great way to keep your message on display in homes all year round.

Not seeing what you want for your rising culinary stars? Get in touch with your kitchen and bar accessory promotional needs because we may still be able to help and would love to hear from you!

Custom Cheese Boards Vs Charcuterie. What's the Difference?

What exactly is the difference between a charcuterie board and a cheese board? These two products are undoubtedly similar, but there are some key distinctions!

  • Custom engraved charcuterie boards: These are typically used to serve more of a variety of foods than just cheese, and are usually very high quality. You probably wouldn't want to cut excessively on charcuterie boards as they are more of a presentation piece than an everyday utility item. However, with their elegant designs, often featuring unique wood grain patterns, these sophisticated products make great luxury business rewards. They also come with low minimums, perfect for a more personal touch when choosing corporate gifts.
  • Cheeseboards & Serving Boards: Personalized cheese boards in Canada are typically used for serving just cheese or small desserts. Like charcuterie boards, they offer an excellent product for your custom branding but also come with more material options and generally a slightly higher minimum order – making them great for mid-range business gift ideas!

Promote Your Bar or Restaurant With Quality Bar & Kitchenware

Every bar and food venue loves customers visiting their establishment, but what about when they leave? With an uncertain economy and people eating out less, getting that custom available and being the business they choose to patronize is essential. But how can this be achieved? Helping ensure that your brand is remembered could be the first step! Offering products like custom wine openers or promotional branded coasters for your visitors as thank you or custom swag can help transfer your name home with those doggy bags! With the option to choose from custom printed pizza cutters (a fun and practical choice for pizza businesses and a reminder for the kitchen) and wine bottle stoppers branded with your logo (perfect for those cozy nights in or festive occasions when your venue might be closed) and more, you can get creative – even on a modest budget! This gives your business the potential to reach a wider audience base even at an economical price point.

Chop Chop! It's Time to Create Awesome Branded Houseware Kitchen Gifts Together

Whether it's cooking together with custom kitchen utensils with your logo on or hosting a dinner get-together, getting your branded wine gift set involved with culinary fun could be easier than you realize. With so many Canadians enjoying cooking, baking and hosting, your chosen product could be the perfect home accessory for their aspiring culinary needs. We offer promotional kitchen items for everything from practical corporate gifts to fun cooking event promotions, and each can be custom branded with your design. Let's add some flavour to your next event by creating branded kitchen gifts for businesses now!