Medical staff, office workers and tradeshow attendees wearing promotional ID holders for easy identification and security.

Conference ID Holders & Event Security Needs

Carrying identification on the job is essential for any professional. Give your company’s team players a gift they can truly appreciate – these badge holders are perfect for keeping personal identification safe, easily displayable, and looking stylish as well. Choose from a wide variety of options, all very affordable, including lanyards, wallets, key chains, and clips of many sizes. Our products are customizable meaning you can add your company’s logo to promote brand visibility. Choose the option that best fits your company’s aesthetic, from simply clear holders to fashionable aluminum cases that both men and women can appreciate. Whatever you choose, you will be thrilled with this fantastic promotional gift option for your company.

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The Perfect Way to Manage Workplace Security

One of the most important things that you can do is to provide each employee with a good way to keep track of their ID badge, in order to prevent the card from being lost or stolen. An unattached card is more likely to be dropped or stolen, because there is nothing securing the card on the employee. The problem with these lost cards lies in the time and resources that are required to replace the card. It is much more efficient to help the employees keep track of their security ID card, in order to prevent the need for a card replacement in the future.

In order to avoid theft and loss of the card, you can provide each employee with tools that make it easy to keep track of the card throughout the day. Two important tools to consider are ID badge holders and lanyards which can be connected to the badge holders.

What are ID Badge Holders?

These badge holders are designed to store the badge, making it easily accessible and secure at the same time. The badge is inserted into the clear badge holder, allowing the badge to be used without the need to remove it from the holder. Most of the time, these holders are connected to a lanyard, which can be worn around the employees neck.

When pullers are connected to a lanyard, the employee can easily access their badge so that it can be used whenever if it needed. Additionally, the visible badge can be make it easier for security to monitor people within the building, because the badge helps to identify the person wearing it.

Typically, badge holders are designed to be used with other products. For example, if you don't want to use lanyards, then the badge holder might be connected to a retractable belt clip or a wrist holder.

Uses for ID Badge Holders

These plastic card holders can have many uses outside of the office as well. Some popular uses include identification cards for conferences with tight security, conference booklet holders, VIP passes for entertainment events, or name-tag holders.

Badge holders are often used at conferences, expos, concerts, and in secured buildings. In order to leverage the use of the badge holder a little more, you may consider having the badge holder custom printed with your company logo, in order to spread brand awareness for your company information.

Are you planning an event or in charge of security at an office? You should consider purchasing custom holders to secure the ID badges that will be used. Here at Dynamic Gift, we specialize in customized office supplies, and we can help you to create the perfect customized badge holders and lanyards. If you need help finding the right product, we invite you to browse through our website and contact us today. We will help you to choose the right badge holders for your event or office.