Springtime means that the kids are getting ready to join their outdoor sporting teams for the year, and there are many ways that parents can be involved in these sporting events. If you are planning to spend time on the playing field watching your kids or coaching the team, then you might consider certain custom sports items that can be used as fundraising tools or even just a way to show the team spirit.

Fundraising for Sports Equipment

Sports equipment can be expensive, which is why you need to look for ways to raise money and pay for the necessary expenses. Fundraising can be a lot of fun when you have custom items created to match your team colours and logo.

These items can be sold at the games, and the team members can also get orders from their family and friends who are interested in supporting the team. You can order the items in bulk at awesome rates, get the team information printed on the items, and then sell them for a marked up rate. The money that is earned can be used in a variety of ways to support the team.

You might consider making custom items with the league logo, which allows all of the teams to participate in the fundraising efforts. Another option is to create items with the individual team names and logos, which can create a fun rivalry between the competitors.

Popular Branded Items for Your Team

Do you need help choosing the items that should be branded and used for your team? Here are a few things that you might consider:

Sports Bottles Highly popular 24oz sports bottle available with your team branding

Custom sports bottles are great, because everyone needs to stay hydrated when they are out in the sun. Whether the bottles are used out on the playing field, or friends and family are using the bottles on the sidelines, they can be a popular item to have at every game. These custom bottles allow everyone to have a cool refreshment when needed, and people can stay hydrated throughout the game.
(tip: fill the bottles up with hydration drinks or cold water & ice on hot days and you will have people flocking to buy them!)


OGIO BackpacksOGIO Super heavy duty backpac with laptop sleeve + pocket compartments.

Custom backpacks can be used to haul clothing and equipment back and forth to each game, and they can also be used if you need something to hold the snacks and other personal items that might be required. Find a backpack with a side pocket, which is the perfect combination to use along with the custom sports bottle!


Camping ChairsAdjustable camping chair with matching carry bag. Great for camping & events.

Folding chairs are very beneficial for anyone coming to watch the game, because they can enjoy a comfortable chair instead of sitting on the grass. It can be uncomfortable to sit on the ground for the whole game and many people don’t like the wet grass, so these chairs are the perfect solution to get everyone off the ground. Sell them to people and they can take them camping and to parties after!


Are you interested in other types of customized sports equipment? We have a variety of items that can be branded to match your sporting team! Contact us today to learn more, and we will gladly help you choose out the best items for your youth sports team.