Three images of promotional camping chairs being used outdoors. One has a cute dog lounging in it on vacation. The next has a fishing road resting on it by a lake in Ontario. Then there is an image of four people sitting on the chairs talking after taking a break from their road trip. Their foam cushions for sitting on the ground have been stored away out of sight for now.

Company Branded Chairs & Custom Printed Cushions for the Outdoors

Who says you can’t sit down and still run a great promotional campaign? From custom-printed outdoor chairs to promotional game seat cushions, you can enjoy great brand awareness while your clients enjoy their event in comfort! Whether your item travels with its new owner to cozy fishing spots or is parked on the grass at that big game, your branding will be right there too. Choose from custom logo foam cushions or luxurious outdoor chairs and give something useful with your custom message attached. Visit our range to start finding the perfect promotional item for your next marketing campaign or custom branded gift.

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"Chair on" your sports team without having to feel like you had to play yourself!

We all love our sports teams, but sometimes after watching a match outside we can be left the next day feeling like we were out there running about ourselves! Sore backs, aching feet – all of these can come from standing too long and even younger people can feel stiff and uncomfortable when we do this for too long. With many types of sporting events lasting for hours at a time, there’s no easy way of avoiding this without simply not attending – or is there? Promotional chairs provide you with the option to stand as much as you like but sit down when you need to. Or sit the whole time you are there! It doesn’t matter, the important thing is that promotional stadium chairs offer you the respite you need and free you up from the worry of standing on that hard ground, leaving you to enjoy the game.

A great advertising space!

Personalized outdoor chairs often give you a wide area to put your logo in! This helps make it visible from further away, but the benefits go even beyond this. Think of the attention your custom printed promotional chair will get from those who haven’t thought to bring one to an event themselves. That chair envy is a great way to establish your brand in people’s mind and who knows, maybe get inquiries too!

Stay out of the dirt, even when camping

Just because we love camping in Canada doesn’t mean we like getting dirty. Even the most enthusiastic outdoors person may be unhappy to have to sit in the dust while outside, or worse – the mud! This means that promotional camping chairs are a valuable addition to many types of outdoor getaways, adding comfort and even helping improve cleanliness by keeping their owners off the nice to look at (but likely filled with bugs) – Canadian scenery. Get your name onto personalized outdoor chairs and get your message out into the world where it needs to be.

Get your company’s name associated with the good times!

Custom folding lawn chairs are a great way to get your important message or brand associated with those fun times that we reminisce about even years later! With branded lawn chairs being highly useful for picnics, BBQs, and family get togethers – getting your message imprinted onto something practical and sought after makes sense. With custom printed chairs being the place where everyone ‘gets together’ to hang out at an event, these items are also in a spot that people are less active and so more likely to notice and pay attention to your logo than someone running around or distracted! Custom lounge chairs are a popular choice for many reasons and their focus point in group activities might just be the most significant one!

Create your own personalized outdoor chairs with us today

Whether you are looking for promotional stadium chairs, custom lounge chairs or something you just haven’t seen yet, but we might be able to help with – contact us! We are based in Canada, meaning less frustration due to waiting long amounts of times for responses due to time zone differences. We have a team of friendly, professional staff just ready to get your imprinted idea off the drawing board and into circulation and we also have our own art department to help you and answer questions you might have about your custom printed design. So, get in touch and let's start creating your branded lawn chairs today!