Hopefully your desk isn’t this bad

Do you need a boost to your productivity? Organizing your desk could be perfect. Many experts agree that a cluttered desk reflects how your brain feels at the moment. So, here are six tips to re-organize your desk and become more focused in your life.

Start over from the beginning. This is your essential first stop. Take away everything that you can from the desk, and go through it all. You’ll soon find that the majority of those items – 90% will not even be items you use or need all the time. Throw out anything you don’t need, and label and store the rest. Be honest with yourself before putting items back. Only keep the essential desk accessories or most favorite items on the desk.

Now you can get to the drawers, and should work with the same mentality for each one. Pile the items up in organized sections, so you can go through them afterwards. When similar items are grouped together, it makes it easier to go through them at a glance. Now it is time to decide which items need filing, throwing and storing. Find an organizational system that works for you, such as work for one client being kept all together or all your marketing materials being piled in one place. When it comes to deciding whether to throw something out, ask yourself how often you use it. Don’t fall into the trap of “but what if…” it’s time to throw out those unused items and store the frequently used ones close by.

Do you really need the equipment? That printer collecting dust is just taking up space. You may have replaced it now. What about those items you’ve wanted to repair for months or even years and just never got around to them? This isn’t just about the large items, either. Think about your stationary and paper. Take an inventory of all your supplies and equipment and then decide whether you need to throw away surplus stock that you’re not using. It’s just using up space.

Set up a physical mail inbox. Yes, this sounds like something from the 80s, but it’s great for organizing your paperwork. Anything that comes into your office can be placed into this box and then you can spend five minutes at the end of each day designating a place for them.

Have your trash can close to your desk. I suggest this because you’re more likely to throw something away because you’re not moving into other rooms to do it. It takes up less time, so things stop piling up.

Don’t save the cleaning for the end of the week or the end of the month. Do it each day as you go, so you’re not as overwhelmed by the pile of paperwork and other items on the desk. Each night, decide which items can be removed and get your desk set up clear and ready for you the next morning.