How to Create a Brand Story

While small businesses recognize the connection between branding and business success, a majority are not sure exactly how it’s done. You may not have the marketing budget of a multimillion dollar company. That’s alright, because effective marketing isn’t always expensive – it lies in value creation. We list a few ways you can create your brand story on a shoestring budget.

Using Promotional Products:

From pens and custom totes to printed beach balls, hats, and drinkware, there are hundreds of items that you can use in your marketing campaign. Don’t compromise on quality because the longer a promotional item lasts, the longer they continue to use the item and that helps keep your brand fresh in their mind.

The goal of promotional items is to remind the person of your business each time they see the item, so choosing promotional items that are both functional and long-lasting are the best strategy. Each business is unique, so choose promotional items that will relate well to your customers.

You can also give away products that target specific interests – for example, for those in the wine and beverage industry, promotional items like wine openers, corkscrews, etc. are a great idea. This ensures that your promotional items will not only used and enjoyed, but more importantly, your brand will be seen by everyone at parties or events in the future.

Good Customer Service:

Never underestimate the power of human interaction! True, we live in a digital world that’s more connected than ever, but we still crave human touch. Not surprisingly, two-thirds of people in a consumer survey by PWC found that companies have lost the human element in customer service.

You may have gotten the customer’s order wrong or charged them twice for something – these missteps could be an opportunity to shine and win them over. Opportunities in which you’ve turned a bad experience into a good one got a long way in building customer trust in your brand. Often times, this can actually be more valuable than if everything was good right from the get-go because the customer has had the opportunity to see your true colours and was shown that you (and your business) value them and appreciate their business. This builds a stronger story for your brand for them and they are more likely to share your story!

Also, this ties in perfectly with promotional items as a way to thank your customers for their understanding when things do go wrong. After you resolve the issues, you can offer to send them free products to make up for the inconvenience. This can often result in even stronger support in your business and your brand story.

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