Get Custom Printed Promotional Beach Balls with Fast Turnaround

Promoting a business or any type of community event or convention requires some serious planning and thought. What sort of approach would capture the attention of the right audience? While there are tried and true strategies, why not try something a little out of the box? Here are some wicked promotional beach balls that companies have been using to promote their brand at concerts, corporate functions, music festivals and sporting events. Our custom printed beach balls will generate a real buzz around your brand. Click through the options below to find out more information and when your ready to enquire just complete the form to your right!

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Promotional Beach Balls for Trade Shows

While the goods and services that the company offers may not have anything to do with the beach, promotional items don't necessarily have to be based on a direct connection. In fact, choosing something that's fun and different from what all the other exhibitors are offering is a great way to attract attention. Consider ordering a supply of printed beach balls bearing your company logo, slogan, and contact information. Use some of the inflated balls to flank each side of the show booth and have more under the counter ready to give out to company buying agents, passers by and visitors to your trade stand.

It won't be long before word spreads through the convention centre that you have something other than the standard pens and notepads on offer. As each attendee drops by in hopes of securing one of those custom branded beach balls, there's the chance to strike up a conversation, find out more about what type of business the individual is in, and point out how your company's products would make their life a whole lot easier.

Super Choice for Promoting a Local Cultural Event

Lets think of a theoretical use for these awesome blow up branding beacons: A local charity holds an open air music festival in the park every year. That draws a lot of food vendors as well as local musicians. As a way to promote the event, why not invest in some cleverly printed inflatable balls bearing the date, time, and location for the free concert? If the event happens to include a special appearance by an entertainer who is well known across Canada, it never hurts to add that information. Take some of the balls around to different local businesses and ask that they be offered to any customers who come in.

There's also the possibility of getting a photo opportunity out of this approach. Call the local paper and see if they would like to do a story on this year's festival. If so, ask them to bring along a photographer. An image or two of the festival organizers swimming around in a sea of beach balls will add a whimsical touch that could prompt readers to stop long enough to find out all about the event and make plans to attend.

Thanks to Customers

Promotion is not just about getting new people through the door. It's also about strengthening existing relationships. Consider ordering some customized beach balls and sending them to current customers as a show of appreciation. While cards and other small tokens are nice, getting a beach ball through the post is something that is likely to bring a smile to the customer's face. It also gives them a reason to bring up the company in conversations with other business professionals.

Take a moment and consider what could be done with beach balls bearing the company logo and other information. This could be the promotional tool that breaks a barrier and paves the way to more success.