Have you ever considered the impact of word of mouth marketing on your business? It's important, even in a day when online business is dominated by the likes of SEO and sales funnels. It may be time to see what you can do about making sure that things spread around.

If you're wondering "what is word of mouth?" then you're in the right place. Read on as we cover the basics behind a technique which may end up being the keystone for your local business.

What is Word of Mouth?

Word of mouth advertising is pretty simple: people talk about your product or service to their friends and family.

This brings in more leads and possibly exponential growth from there. Here's the thing: people are more likely to trust recommendations directly from those they know. They'll believe them over any form of copy, no matter how good it is. Like most marketing techniques, social media has radically changed how we can approach word of mouth advertising.

Not that the older forms are bad, things like free gifts given out at trade shows are still awesome. They just don't have the same amount of reach. Taking advantage of the various ways your customers can communicate about your business is one of the biggest ways you can improve the number of people clambering to work with you.

Using Social Media for WOMM

Word of mouth marketing isn't that hard. If you're good at what you're doing then it'll happen fairly organically. You can kick things up a notch by leveraging social media. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that you're consistently engaging with your customers. Keep them happy, thank them if they mention they made a purchase, offer support quickly and efficiently across all of the platforms you're using.

A great customer experience is one of the keys to word of mouth marketing. Other companies have gone the route of making sure that their word of mouth is done by producing entertaining ads and posts. Wendy's is a great example of this, leveraging entertaining posts into a $64 million increase in revenue over the course of a year.

With social media, the biggest thing is this: keep your customers talking about you in a positive way and there will be more people approaching your business.

Word of mouth has been around for forever and has always been a tried and true way to bring in new customers. These days, however, it's possible to reach an incredible amount of people in a short amount of time just by ensuring that you provide engagement and great customer service.

Staying On Your Customer's Mind

Making sure that your customers always have your company at the forefront of their mind is important for using the power of word of mouth marketing.

When you're asking yourself "what is word of mouth?" all you really need to remember is that you need people to talk about your business.

One of the best ways to do this is with giveaways. When someone asks where that attractive pen or flashlight came from it can bring you to mind.

Free gifts for your customers is an essential part of real-world marketing.

If you're interested, then contact us for a quote and another great way to keep your customers talking about your business.