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Light Up Your Brand with Our Promotional Light Up Pens

Raise consumer awareness about your company in one easy purchase with Dynamic Gift Canada’s company branded pens! Pens are a great giveaway as they are small but highly visible tools with frequent usage and a long lifespan. Finding a product that your target audience will actually use and not just throw aside and be forgotten can be challenging and potentially expensive, but with our promo light pens you can rest easy knowing you have chosen something that will not only remind your recipient of who you are and encourage repeat business, but will grab the attention of others too!

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The not so humble LED light up pen

Light up pens are a sure-fire way to grab the attention of the too often over saturated public. With our highly visible colour selections that can be easily seen from a distance, and built in LED lights you are already leagues ahead of the more common writing tool and that’s before you have even added your logo or slogan to it! Having a custom printed pen to give to your customer is a perfect way to say ‘hey, we are in touch with your practical needs but in tune with the modern world’ all in one. We even have an option to purchase different coloured lights with our Silver Challenger pen range for even more individuality and fun personalization.

Check out our variety right here!

At Dynamic Gift, we know that even with a product as useful as a light up pen, choosing the right one for your intended audience, and ensuring that it is company branded can help give you that extra little boost, which is why we carry a huge variety of pens for you to choose from. Whether you need a comfort grip pen, a pen/light/stylus combo or even a pen/light combo that can double as a phone stand, choosing what you want has never been so simple yet versatile!

More useful – more exposure!

Promo light pens are a fantastic way to give your recipient not one, but two items combined, doubling its usefulness and its exposure to both its owner and the world, with your slogan alongside it. People who work at night such as the police, security or even those who like to journal in the dark when the rest of the house is asleep could all benefit from a light up pen. Or how about having to rummage through your bag in the evening on a night out and not being able to see a thing – you know you put those tickets in here somewhere right? A promo light pen is the ideal alternative to a flashlight and some of our pens even offer a handy clip to attach it to bags, clothes, or whatever else you need and it doesn’t stop there – we also offer 3 in 1 options and even 4 in 1 so you can make your choice extra useful to your customer and your own advertising agenda at the same time!

And you get a pen and you and you!

Spreading the word and getting your name out there is the priority of a developing or even established business. It doesn’t matter who you are or how long you have been around, with an ever competitive market and new brands emerging every day, if people don’t know who you are there is simply no custom and with so many competitors it’s sadly easy to be forgotten. So when it comes to advertising sometimes you need a product that can be freely given to hundreds of potential customers, without breaking the budget. Dynamic Gift Canada’s pricing is not only highly competitive but our pens feature a wide range of minimum order quantities, helping you get the amount you need at a cost you can afford! Custom printed pens will mean you have a handy product to further your brand awareness without breaking the budget, what could be better? So contact us today for a free, no obligation quote and find out just how easily we can help you light the way for better brand visibility!

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