Budget pens being used as giveaways and employee-client connection points at a conference in Toronto and a networking event in Alberta.

Order Cheap Custom Pens in Canada with Free Artwork Services Included

Sometimes in a marketing campaign we just need an item that will get the job done. From low budgets to high volume, we can’t always afford to spend as much as we would like – or we just don’t need to! This is where economy pens have their time to shine and cheap customised pens often offer the same advertising space and impact as their higher quality counterparts, without the extra cost. They write, they promote your company and they cost almost nothing at all – making them a powerful advertising tool for the savvy shopper.

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Fast turnaround times

Life is busy, work is busy, everything is busy, and events can come up on you before you know it. What looked like a distant mark on the calendar is suddenly almost upon you and you just aren’t ready for it. Events where advertising isn’t used is often a huge loss of opportunity but getting what you need custom printed in time can be a lot of pressure. This doesn’t apply to our budget pens that are a great choice for anyone looking for a fast turn around – helping you get ready for that important event in time.

5 reasons why custom pens are a great advertising choice

  • Lightweight: Choosing an imprinted promo tool like promotional stationery that the recipient can easily carry about with them is a smart choice. Increase the likeliness of your product staying with it’s new owner by giving them something that literally won't weigh them down.
  • Portable: Portable means more likely to go with their owner, into their bag, pocket or car Without taking up important space in their owners life this means your product is less likely to get left at home and more likely to be ready to hand for when needed.
  • Budget friendly: Most pens are inexpensive, but budget pens take that a step further still! Being able to purchase multiple items can help spread your message further without the expense of large-scale advertising, making them a popular choice for marketing campaigns.
  • Useful: Creating something useful is half the battle of any marketing plan. No one can afford for their product to be instantly discarded with their message along with it. Pens are extremely handy and anything that is valuable in the eyes of the user is more likely to remain in use - making your investment worthwhile.
  • Wide audience: Anyone who writes can benefit from a custom pen, making them a great choice for schools, workplaces and beyond. Custom printed pens cover a wide target audience, meaning that not only can you cater to a specific market but can also help spread the net wide and appeal to a huge audience. To sum up, with almost everyone needing to write on a daily basis, there’s not many who would turn down a custom office pen!

The right tool for the right situation

Not every situation calls for the use of luxury products. As we talked about earlier, sometimes the budget for advertising isn’t as high as we would like it to be, or perhaps it’s just not needed. Few people plan to run an expo event and give away imprinted promotional tools that cost fifty dollars a time – it’s just not practical! So, if you are looking to simply draw people in and pass your message along, cheap custom pens in Canada are a smart, cost effective way to advertise.

Visually appealing

With our range of bright colours, catching people's attention is easy. From daring orange, to professional looking purple, by displaying these in all their colourful glory on any event table you are instantly creating an attractive and colourful display that is likely to draw people to you. Help yourself stand out from your rivals and be the most eye catching, without breaking the bank with our custom office pens.

Be our virtual pen pal!

Working with our Canadian based team has many perks, from fast quote and turn around times to business hours that are more likely to line up with your own. We are a team blessed with those fabled Canadian manners, as well as being highly experienced in getting you the branded product you need – when you need it. So why not contact us to get started on the first step to your cost-effective advertising campaign today?