Promotional stylus pens in use at office meetings in Cambridge, Ontario and for leisure time after work.

Order Promotional Stylus Pens in Canada, Custom Printed at Competitive Prices

Although the world is becoming increasingly ‘paperless’ it is not completely there yet, however for every note you write by hand it seems you need to sign off on something electronically or search for information with an electronic device. Office spaces of all types are now a mixture of cutting edge technology and traditional systems so what better way to find the balance you need than one of our promo printed stylus pens?

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Custom Promotional Stylus Pens With Your Branding

Promotional styluses are a great choice for advertising your business because whatever is needed to write with, be it old school ink or an electronic signature it has what you need. Using a stylus reduces those smudgy fingerprints that make screens look dirty and unprofessional, and increases accuracy when used, enabling you to get work done faster. They are a great give away item because whether it is an accountancy venue that pride themselves in their traditional image or a tech store that needs to look as up to date as possible, your chosen customer will have a use for this item.

A brilliant advertising beacon for your business

Customized stylus / pen combinations are a great method of advertising as they will constantly be at hand or in use dozens of times in a single day. They are likely to travel with their owner on their commute and be used for everything from getting that extra work done before the office opens, to sending personal emails, or scrolling through status updates, even browsing social media.

Analog is back in fashion

With journaling back on trend and being linked to mental well being and reducing anxiety, the demand for both online blogging and personal bullet journals written in stunning calligraphy worthy of sharing on social media, writing both electronic and classical has never been so much in demand. By choosing this item you are showing the world that you are in touch with the needs of the modern consumer as well as getting your own branded message across at the same time.

Don’t need the pen part? Not a problem!

Our mini mobile stylus is compact and lightweight but with enough space to get your logo on there for all to see. These can also be attached to a smart phone so they don’t get lost. This keeps the item conveniently at hand whenever needed, but even when not in use. With the staggering amount people using their phones in public spaces, both it and your advertising are sure to get noticed.

Our stylus gift set options come in a professional style box, making them the perfect give away for clients you want to make an impression on and demonstrate your professional business sense in a tasteful way. They also make great company giveaways to employees as a thank you during the holidays to show those who work hard for your company they are appreciated while avoiding the pitfall of tacky, unwanted gifts.

The Promotional Gift For Travellers

Or how about something to make travelling more comfortable for your clients? Dynamic Gift’s smart phone holder and stylus combination makes juggling that morning coffee, portfolio and trying to call or video chat all at once a thing of the past. This product comes with a stand that collapses when not in use to be easily stowed away, and is sure to be a hit with your chosen audience. Everyone loves something that makes life a little more hassle free!

Dynamic Gift Canada also offers a wholesale discount to resellers and a ‘lowest price in Canada’ guarantee to all customers, meaning you can rest assured you are getting the best value there is in these competitive times. Coupled with a free artwork mock up service and fast turn around, getting your branded product literally into the hands of your audience has never been more easily done! So go ahead, order today and get those great customer reviews written by the very pens you gave out and make your business more ‘on point’ than ever before!