Eco-friendly pens made from earth-friendly or recycled materials are being used to write notes and journals while enjoying the summer in Ontario.

Recycled, Biodegradable & Other Eco Friendly Pens, Custom Printed with Your Logo

Custom pens offer a marketing staple for your brand, and now they are available with an eco-friendly twist! Promotional eco-friendly pens give your brand more than just a handy product to pass out at conventions and conferences in Canada. They provide an opportunity to show that your business cares about the environment, the future and the importance of responsible marketing. With increasing public focus on the waste created by businesses, the question of ‘I'm doing my part, but what is your company doing to help?’ is becoming more common. Our options include products made from recycled materials, natural materials like bamboo and more. Start browsing to find eco-branding at budget-friendly price points here.

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Why our eco pens are a great option for you

The first eco products developed were often expensive and sometimes sacrificed quality for the sake of being earth friendly, but times sure have changed and that’s no longer the case. Our custom printed biodegradable pens are an all-round awesome choice and listed below are some of their most important features.

They work just as well as regular pens

Branded recycled pens are a great option for anyone looking for a more natural, less environmentally harmful option and guess what? They do the same job as regular pens! Choosing eco friendly doesn’t mean compromising on quality or performance and our eco friendly pens won’t disappoint.

You no longer have to choose between affordable and sustainable

Eco friendly no longer has to mean more expensive! With research and product development being constantly refined, many eco friendly promotional products are now inexpensive and our competitively priced pens are no exception. With a less expensive outlay, these items are now not only practical for small, individual purchasers but for business budgets too, making them a practical choice for all.

Choosing ‘eco friendly’ no longer limits your options

Just like with the quality of eco products, the sheer amount of options available have exploded onto the market and ours are no exception! With so much variety you no longer have to decide between making a greener purchase or getting exactly what you had in mind at the expense of the planet. This wide selection of choice helps establish recycled pens as a practical and more customisable item than ever before.

How eco pens can help your marketing campaign

Not only are they affordable, useful and environmentally friendly – custom printed eco pens fulfill the market need for sustainable giveaways. People may take a pen from you at your stall without really thinking about it, but with the increased awareness of the impact plastics have on our planet, the public are becoming increasingly wary of non biodegradable products. Especially those items with a shorter lifespan.With throw away straws becoming very unpopular due to their harm to the environment, who's to say that non degradable pens won’t follow? Staying up to date is essential to any campaign so make sure you are on trend and promote not only you company but responsible advertising with our eco friendly promotional products.

Why should I care what my pens are made of?

Most people looking to buy aren’t planning to keep their bulk purchase to themselves (that would be a little weird) so why should you care what happens when you have given them away or sell your items? The simple answer is because they still have your promotion or logo on them! You can’t stop customers throwing things over their shoulders when their usefulness is done, but you don’t want people walking past a product lying a woodland with your name on it and shaking their heads in disgust – even though it’s not your fault. One of the best ways to combat this potentially damaging form of advertising is to purchase a product that is eco friendly! Make sure your advertising is responsible advertising and avoid unwanted attention with our biodegradable pens.

Show the public you care about the bigger things

Having eco friendly promotional products in your office, at your store or even your tradeshow stand is a great icebreaker. Change up that tired old line of ‘hey we have free pens’ to ‘hey are you interested in one of our eco friendly products?’ With public interest in environmental concerns running high, getting them interested in an item that appeals to what matters to them is not only a fantastic way to show you care about the bigger picture, but a great method of catching people’s interest. Help make it easier to lead into conversation and network to make those business connections with any of our great items such as our recycled paper pens or other eco friendly products available from Dynamic Gift Canada today.