Premium Metal Pens, Order Them Engraved or Printed with Your Branding

Pens are efficient advertising tools when used as a part of a broader marketing campaign, since people will more likely keep the a pen than toss it like they would toss a flyer. Considering that being omnipresent is the best way to reach potential consumers, Promotional items are potent for tackling that issue. These gifts can be pens, lighters, T-shirts, pet collars, bags, hats etc. The choice can depend on the type of client you are trying to target, If you choose to go with an item that is easy on the pocket and also works. We always have a pen nearby, so if you use them, you will know someone is constantly in possession of your advertising material.

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  1. 5 different coloured metal ballpoint pens one silver, one blue, one black, one red and one gunmetal in a line with the silver turned to the side to show the engraved logo
    Luigi Ballpoint Pen
    Priced from $1.99 to $2.39
  2. A silver coloured multi function stylus pen with black stylus tip and a gold coloured logo
    Cross Tech3+ Multi Function Stylus Pen
    Priced from $75.32 to $94.91
  3. A charcoal, ballpoint pen with a black grip and a laser engraved logo
    Petra Ballpoint Pen
    Priced from $1.49 to $1.89
  4. two ballpoint pens one black and silver and one brown and silver both with printed logos
    Nathan Ballpoint Pen
    Priced from $7.75 to $8.75
  5. two black and silver ballpoint pens one turned to show silver logo
    Duncan Ballpoint Pen
    Priced from $11.00 to $12.00
  6. two images of black rollerball pens with silver accents one uncapped and showing silver logo on lid
    Duncan Rollerball Pen
    Priced from $12.00 to $13.00
  7. five banner pens with stylus in a row partially hidden by an open banner with another banner pen slightly to the right above an example of use
    Rada Banner Pen with Stylus
    Priced from $1.09 to $1.76
  8. six different coloured banner pens partially covered by open banner
    Erixson Banner Pen with Stylus
    Priced from $1.59 to $2.35
  9. six different coloured banner pens partially hidden behind a pulled out banner
    Cruz Banner Pen with Stylus
    Priced from $1.49 to $2.35
  10. black and silver printed USB pen with front and side view shown and chip displayed
    Nexus USB Pen
    Priced from $32.45 to $38.13
  11. black 4-in-1 pen with white logo
    4-in-1 Laser Light Stylus Pen
    Priced from $9.85 to $12.42
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Why are pens a universal gift or giveaway

Taking into account that pens are instruments used for writing, or drawing, it is undisputable that people will always find them useful. Like it was stated before, anyone who finds a certain item useless is very likely to throw it away, and pens don’t belong in that particular group of items. Additionally, pens are compact and are thus easy to carry in pockets, moreover, they are easy to distribute, which is why they are perfect when it comes to advertising materials. Pens are used for advertising campaigns all the time and the main reason for that is because the approach itself is a viable one.

About metal pens

Pens can be either metal or plastic, and even though plastic pens are more cost efficient for manufacturing, metal pens have other advantages. Since they are made out of metal, they have a greater level of durability and you can engrave your brand name on them by using a laser. This means that all the relevant information engraved on the pen will remain there, without any concern that one day the paint will wash out. You are free to place your brand name, as well as your contact number and website on the pen, and you can rest assured that it will be visible forever. Furthermore, by distributing metal pens, you will appear more professional to the receivers, yet another good move for leaving a good impression. Of course, there is always a print alternative (instead of laser engraving) for the purpose of achieving better visibility.

Metal pens design

All metal pens are elegantly designed and they will reflect true quality, also, there is an option with a built in flashlight for the purpose of increasing the utility of this item. Full metal barrel and full brass metal barrel can be incorporated into the pen’s design as well. It is up to you to decide what kind of pen you want to distribute to your potential customers.

Use metal pens as your primary advertising method if you want to look more professional, provide your audience with a useful item that is very durable at the same time, and to secure that your brand name and contact information will stay intact.