Promotional banner pens being used on a desk in an office in Canada, at home for journaling and on display to show the banner pulled out with the print potential.

Promotional Banner Pens, Custom Printed with Your Advertising Message

‘Hey, look at this!’ Isn’t that the advertising dream right there? That you have chosen a promo product so cool that not only is the recipient carrying it around with them and using it for themselves, but they are actively showing other people and also helping you advertise and increase your brand awareness? For this to happen you have to choose a custom printed item that is not only unique but quirky, cute and fun so why not make your choice a banner pen from Dynamic Gift Canada?

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Small product – big impact

Though pens are a popular choice for any custom printed product, ad pens are possibly even better because they are not only a super practical item people always need, but instead of having a small space to print your logo or slogan, you have an area that pulls out large enough to include pictures and even additional information about your business!

Having that extra space to put your personal touch on can make a huge difference. Sure customers might see a logo on a pen, but if it’s not immediately obvious what the company is about, will they look into it? Probably not. By having an ad pen as your chosen item you are giving yourself and your business a chance to speak to the customer and tell them what you’re all about and that could make the crucial difference between piquing their interest and turning them away, forgetting about you entirely. Phone numbers, important services, location details – put them in the customer’s hand, literally! Make sure they remember you!

Up that clicking game!

Who doesn’t know someone in their office or workspace that doesn’t sit there clicking and clicking and clicking away on their pen top? It’s a common compulsion, our hands like to be busy so why not take advantage of that and have them rolling out your advertisement over and over instead? Even if they have read it before it’s better than waiting for the clock to hit 5pm, and constant exposure to your message will help them remember your company more clearly!

Fun and functional all in one

Banner pens from Dynamic Gift come in a huge range of colour choices, styles, and even grips, allowing you to more easily access the product you need rather than choosing from limited availability. Catering to your target audience is a key part of promotional advertising and with a large variety of options, whether they are for the office, school or out and about, you can rest easy knowing that we have it right here. We even carry a pen/stylus combo option – the perfect choice for that ever increasing demographic who mix technology with traditional writing. Need to go one step further into the realm of blending these two different but rapidly merging worlds? How about a multi-function combination pen, fitted with an LED light, double-sided pullout banner and an additional headphone jack attachment so the customer can attach the pen to their phone or tablet to make sure their pen and your precious advert never get left behind!

Affordable advertising

No company can afford to waste money on poor advertising and this includes promo items. Anything that has a high chance of being left behind is not only a poorly thought out campaign, but part of a precious budget wasted. Ad pens are a great choice for anyone looking for a long lasting, practical item and with the highly competitive pricing of Dynamic Gift Canada, these custom printed banner pens allows any business, no matter the size, to choose a smart, low cost investment that will be around for years to come. So why wait? Contact us and open the doors to better advertising and brand awareness today!