Promotional plastic pens are being used at home and school, with a pile of colourful pen options on display in the middle of the image.

Custom Printed Plastic Pens, Branded with Your Company Logo

Plastic pens are a great approach to an advertising campaign is using promotional products with your brand name on it. It can serve as a constant reminder to your potential customers, that you are one of the providers for the services they need. Items that are commonly used for the purposes of promotional products are lighters, notepads and pens. Of course, there are also promotional gifts that are used to display a greater level of appreciation, like messenger-bags, power banks and T-shirts (depending on the material used to produce it, they can be both cheap and expensive). There are instances in which pet products can make an amazing gift for the purpose of a marketing campaign, it all depends on your target audience.

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As we all know, pens are instruments used for writing, making them an item with a high level of utility in one’s life. People have a habit of casting aside things they find irrelevant, and very often we find ourselves throwing away fliers immediately after receiving them on the street or in our mailbox (the same thing can occur with business cards or leaflets). Since pens are useful items, people will very likely keep them and thus, all of the relevant information on them will remain in their pockets.

Advantages of plastic pens

A pen is one of those gifts that people will not refuse, considering it is always useful to have a pen nearby. Since they are made out of plastic, it is a marketing tool which is very cost efficient to manufacture in great numbers. Due to its size and cost efficiency, plastic pen can make a perfect gift to distribute to the masses, taking into account that your distributors can carry a large number of pens with them. The best way for your brand to be successful is to create a widespread awareness, and pens are perfect tools for that purpose. Almost everyone uses pens as promotional material, regardless of whether it is business or a political campaign.

The appearance of the pen

Pens can be designed in four different colours, moreover, they will have your brand name, contact number and website name printed on them. This makes a pen an excellent alternative to a leaflet or a business card, and since anyone has a pen in the near vicinity, you can rest assured that it will serve as a constant reminder to your potential customers. All you need to do is think about the colour and the font in which you want the information to be written.

To sum up, pens are an amazing solution for advertising your brand name via dynamic gift distribution. They are useful, easy to manufacture and distribute, have enough space to put in all the necessary information about your company, and people will not toss it away. In addition to that, they are budget friendly, therefore, they are great for the very beginning of the marketing campaign.