Someone inserting a promotional USB key drive into their laptop; next, a laptop on the desk ready for working in an Ontario home office; finally, a branded metal USB drive resting on a desk.

Custom Engraved USB Drives & Flash Drives Canada

From universities to offices and tradeshows – custom branded metal USB drives offer a durable, portable way to pass along and transport information inside and out! Great for staff, students and visitors, these handy little items offer a great surface area for your branding on a useful product that has the potential to travel. Browse our selection of micro USBs, slide drives, swivel options and traditional designs in one convenient location. Choose from engraving and custom print and get your brand all aboard the Universal Serial Bus for your next event by contacting our team to order.

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The Perks of Choosing Custom Logo Metal USB Drives

What to choose for your next promotional event or marketing campaign? With so many options all clamouring for your custom branding, it can be hard to know where to look first! Custom branded USB drives offer your business a practical item for clients, employees and visitors that won't weigh them down. These portable and handy items have been at the front of promotional giveaways for years and date all the way back to 1996. Formally known as "Universal Serial Bus" their now familiar acronym is a common word in offices and schools across Canada. With their useful nature, it was only a matter of time before marketing groups realized they had a great item right in front of them waiting for custom printing, leaving you with the custom logo USB sticks you see everywhere today.

Are USB Swivel Drives A Better Choice?

Let's start by examining, what exactly is a custom logo USB swivel drive? Unlike options with a cap, this style of USB is operated by moving the centre hinge piece to swivel out the chip. This gives promotional swivel drive USB sticks a great advantage over their competitors – they don't have a lid that can get lost! However, with everyone having different preferences for branded USB sticks in Canada, this doesn't mean they are the go-to choice for every occasion and target audience!

Add Extra Convenience with Custom Keychain USB Sticks

Imprinted metal USB drives are great, but finding them at work or home can be a chore. Their small size means getting tucked behind staplers or paperwork is all too easy, and promoters and manufacturers have quickly realized this. To give branded USB drives an edge, they added key chain attachments or options to different designs. This means clipping these products to bags, purses and keychains is easy to do. Branded metal USB keychains are great for people taking their work to the office or on commutes to school where those pesky USB drives might fall to the bottom of backpacks and work briefcases out of sight. Adding convenience to your marketing item gives it a better chance to become a client favourite and that makes promo USB keyrings a great option for your branding.

What Styles of Custom Printed Metal USB Drives Are There?

With any type of product that is popular, you are likely to see subcategories or branch-off products in different styles and customized metal USB sticks are no exception. The two main styles are promotional swivel drives (where the USB is hinged in the centre and swivels out for use) and the familiar slide chip option. These two styles offer more versatility than the traditional cap USB design and a fresh look for your branded metal USB drives in Canada.

Promote Your Message On Something Useful!

Are custom branded USB sticks useful in this day and age? With many of us not trusting leaving our data in digital space, having a printed USB drive creates somewhere private for their information to be easily stored. But do these products have any other benefits for your clients and customers? Below are some great pointers that help promo USB sticks and flash drives stay so popular.

  • Lightweight & Easy to Transport: No one wants to carry a heavy book of notes around from meeting to meeting and in this day and age, digital is arguably the king of the workplace. These useful items give your recipient a practical way to transport data and information that won't weigh them down.
  • Versatile & Useful: From school to the office and all the way home again, wherever information needs to be transported, logo USB drives are ready to help. School projects, office supplies and organization can all be streamlined and convenient with these products.
  • Long Lasting: Books and paper might wear and tear, but custom engraved USB flash drives and thumb drives made from metal offer a durable form of data storage. The chip is protected by a sturdy metal cap or cover, allowing you to create something inexpensive that helps your message stick around in classrooms and offices for the long haul.

Custom USB Drives Are Great for Students & Employees

Whether students are heading off to college or you have employee training to do at your business, imprinted metal USB sticks have the potential to help. We offer data preloading services as an upgrade, giving your company an instant informational world ready to hand out with your logo on the exterior and all your audience needs to know contained within. With our different GB capacity options you can create something for large projects and data storage or quick document transfers. Inquire about creating metal custom USB sticks in bulk for your next event and choose from micro metal USB drives, key shaped options and more. Whatever you select, let's get all about the Universal Serial Bus for your promotion today!