Two images of leather USB drives in a Canadian office with a personal laptop on a home desk in between them.

Our Leather USB Drives are Modern, Stylish, Durable & Always Ship Domestically

Most people use a USB flash drive because of the functionality and convenience of managing digital files on a drive that can fit in your pocket. But, if you select the right type of USB design, then it can be stylish and useful at the same time. These USB drives can be branded with your company logo, helping your employees or customers to have a digital tool that they are proud to carry around.

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Try leather style USB drives as customer gifts

Whether you are looking for gifts to hand out to employees, items that can be given to current clients or customers, or promotional products to attract potential customers, USB drives are a good option to consider.

People don't like to have clutter piling up in their workspace or bag, and they will often get rid of promotional items that are not useful to them. But, USB drives can always be used, because the USB port is the standard in the electronic industry, which means that people are more likely to keep these items and use them on an ongoing basis.

People love to have a USB drive around to store their files, move files from one computer to the next, or share files with their friends or coworkers. Leather USB drives will stand out from the standard plastic drives, and we have several varieties for you to choose from.

Leather advantages

The advantage to using leather on the leather USB drive is that it is durable and stylish, and many people prefer it to plastic. The leather can be printed or stamped with your company information, which helps to reinforce your brand every time the person uses the USB drive.

In addition to the high quality leather, the USB chips are built to last. They have a warranty of 10 years, and the estimated lifespan for each chip is 500,000 read/write cycles. These high quality gifts will last a long time, which means that you will be able to keep your company brand in the hands of the customer on an ongoing basis.

With these leather designs, you can choose a USB drive with a snap press-button closure, a flip out USB, a slip closure, or a swivel closure.

Our quality will impress

Here at Dynamic Gift Canada, we understand that quality matters. Our goal is to provide you with top-level customer service and high quality products for every order. We are one of the leading providers of promotional products in Canada, and we serve major areas including Cambridge, Ontario, Toronto, and Vancouver. We can ship our products anywhere in the country.

When you place an order, our designers will work with you to create your custom logo that will be printed on the side of the USB drive. Additionally, we can provide branded packaging to match as well. You can choose from boxes made of tin, wood, cardboard, plastic, or leather.

If you need help with your order, feel free to contact us at anytime. We are always available to assist and answer your questions, and we are happy to help with anything that you might need.