A hand plugging in a swivel USB to begin work; next, a person working from home on their laptop; finally, a close-up on the custom logo swivel USB laid atop a keyboard.

Canada's Most Competitive Prices on Printed USB Swivel Drives

No obligation, no strings attached, we will design you a completely free mock-up of your USB drives prior to spending a single cent with us! We offer Canada's most competitive prices, premium chips from Samsung and Toshiba along with extreme endurance printing that will last for years. Don't delay request a quote from us today!

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The increasing trend of gadgets in marketing

With technology and computers becoming increasingly integrated into everyday life, USB drives are a necessity everyone has a use for. Our custom printed swivel USB drives come with a no obligation, no cost mock up and available wholesale discounts for resellers. This means keeping up to date in this fast paced world has never been simpler or more affordable!

USB swivel drives are a great marketing product

Using our USB swivel drives allows you to take your information with you on the move and know it is safely stored! Dynamic Gift’s swivelling flash drives are a perfect office item for your company’s staff to transfer important data during working hours, increasing productivity and the smooth operation of interdepartmental tasks. Keep that workplace frustration down and your office up to speed today!

Wide variety of materials

Choose from a range of materials, Dynamic Gift has plastic, metal and eco friendly options meaning whatever your business represents we have the material for you. Our branded USB drives mean even when they travel into the world, your name goes with them too. We even offer options that fit onto your key ring, making transportation easier and forgetfulness a thing of the past. The handy swivel design means your USB stays safely protected with just one turn. Imagine the risk of damage to an uncapped USB, which can result in corrupted or inaccessible data, no longer being something you have to worry about.

Keep your brand on a swivel

Our swivel USB drives are not the only option though! Select from novelty figures — perfect for children bringing school work home, wristbands — which are great for vital information that you cannot afford to leave home without, or our executive style USB flash drives — an amazing gift option to impress potential high end clientele. Make data transfer simple and trouble free with the added bonus of having your own custom printed logo always visible. Send the message that whether you are working for someone or they are working for you — not only are you are up to speed with today’s office equipment needs, but that you are keeping up in style!

At Dynamic Gift Canada, our wide variety of minimum order quantities allows us to cater to your unique needs, be it for classrooms, presentations, or conference meetings of all sizes. With a capacity range of 1GB storage all the way up to 256GB in both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, whatever you need to store and however you need to store it — we have an option for you today!