Two images of promotional wooden USBs being held, then one of them being stacked and ready for use in a local Ontario office building.

Be An Earth Friendly Brand with Custom Wood & Bamboo USB Drives

It’s official; the world has gone digital. Everything from book reports to billing and bank statements has left paper far behind, taking on a more eco friendly intangible form. Due to this modern-day development, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t needed a USB drive at some point. Even more precisely, all those in need of one either didn’t have one at all or couldn’t find the one they thought they had.

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Wood USB drives look awesome and promote the environment

No doubt you're aware that when deciding on which promotional products you're going to send out to your customers, you have to consider two main factors if you actually want these items to be used on a daily basis; their quality, and their utility.

Although we do provide a number of cheap corporate items here at Dynamic Gift, all of which work well in their own way, if you're looking to provide each of your customers with a high-quality, personalized item that they'll use each and every day, our wooden USB flash drives fit this description perfectly.

Eco-Friendly Promotional USBs

Here at Dynamic Gift we provide all of our clients with two eco friendly USB products, both of which can be printed with your company branding and contact details (typically your name, logo, email, and website address).

Both of these items are available for purchase across Canada, where they can be ordered in bulk directly through our website. Minimum order quantities of twenty-five units apply for each, with sizable discounts available for larger orders.

Frequent Exposure

Needless to say, when you hand over one of our high-quality bamboo USB flash drive sticks to your customers, branded with your company colours, name, logo, and all your relevant contact details, this will quickly become something they find themselves using on a near-daily basis.

Business owners appreciate you going to the extra expense to provide them with a higher quality product, which will make them much more open to the possibility of doing business with you again; especially as they'll be exposed to your company every time they pick up the USB you gave them.

Whether or not you want to buy a small custom order starting out, here at Dynamic Gift we provide all of our clients with a free graphic design service whereby our experienced graphic designers can work with you to create the perfect branding message to place upon your USBs, or simply help you to tweak a current design you've been working on.

We're happy to provide you with a free quote for the item(s) you're interested in. For this, please click on the item(s) you want, and then click on the ‘GET A QUOTE' button on the right. Please note, when filling in your requirements it helps if you give us any and all information you believe is relevant to your purchase.