Two images of HDP USB drives in an office and home setting, with a recycling keyboard symbol image separating them.

Order HDP (High Density Paper) Recycled USB Drives with Your Company Logo

In our modern world, digital information is an important part of everyday living. People always have a need to store and share digital files, and these recycled USBs have become an a great tool to manage files while promoting your company as a greener or earth friendly organization. Browse our high density paper USB drives below and request a free quote today.

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Promote the planet while carrying your data

Here at Dynamic Gift, we have many types of recycled USB drives for you to choose from. One thing that makes our drives unique is the fact that we offer custom printing options on each drive, so you can brand the products with your company name and logo. These drives are commonly used in the office, and the printed logo will help to reinforce the company brand each time an employee looks at the USB drive.

We have plastic USB drives with a swivel cover, which makes the drive easy to store. Each time the drive is used, you can twist the cover to the opposite end of the drive, and you don't have to worry about keeping track of a small lid while the drive is in use. Other options include various sizes, shapes, and colours so that you can choose the product that you like the best.

We even offer fun designs such as small figurines that have a USB drive incorporated into the design. With the figurines, your company logo can be printed anywhere on the figurine, such as on the clothing or the hat.

If you are looking for an option to wear the USB drive, then you might consider lanyard drives or silicone wristbands that incorporate a USB drive. The advantage to these options is that it is easier to keep track of the USB drive since it can be worn around the neck or wrist, helping employees keep track of their USB.

We can design your recycled USB drives

These USBs are great gifts for employees, customers and potential customers. You can have each USB designed to match your company logo, which creates a cost-effective gift that is useful to each person who receives one. Unlike a cheaper giveaway that will quickly be lost in the bottom of the drawer, people see the value of a new USB drive and they will be likely to hold onto it because it is a useful digital tool.

We offer free graphic design services to help you select the right placement, colour, and design to be printed on each USB drive. Our professional designers are experienced with branding, and they can incorporate your logo and company brand to ensure that your message stays consistent.

If you need a large quantity of USB drives, contact us to discuss bulk pricing options that are available. Each USB can be delivered in various types of packaging, including small wooden boxes, metal tins, cardboard boxes, or leather pouches.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products that are available. Everything on our website is available with custom printing, and we serve Canada nationwide!