Three images of custom branded plastic USB drives being used for daily work tasks in an office in downtown Toronto.

Premium Plastic USB Drives Custom Printed with Fast Turnarounds

Deciding on what corporate products your business will give away to your customers (and potential customers) isn't always simple. And to keep your name fresh in their minds is no easy task, especially with so many brands competing your client attention. So here is a product that can really help you stay at the forefront of branding, Browse our branded flash drives below and give your clients something they can actually use on the daily!

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Although there are certainly exceptions to this rule, in most lines of work, handing your existing and potential customers personalized plastic USB flash drive sticks, adorned with your company's colours, name, logo, and any other information you wish to include, can all-but guarantee that your company will stay in the minds of your customers on a day-to-day basis.

Low Cost Branded USBs

Here at Dynamic Gift Canada, we have an enormous number of branded USB sticks available for you to buy in bulk, either as part of an individual promotional campaign, or to simply give away on a continual basis.

Each of our branded USB sticks in this category can be printed on (usually on both sides), so your company name and branding is clearly visible at all times. The most popular drives in our current collection are the:

  • Figure Drives — Talk about unique; these figurine drives come in all eight hundred Pantone colours and can be 100% customized, with our team able to create a new, unique USB figurine to suit your complete business branding. Your company branding can be placed anywhere on the figurine's clothing, including their large hat.
  • Swivel Drives — We have a large number of cheap swivel drives, all of which come with their own unique characteristics and a large variety of packaging options, including a standard cardboard box, small metal tins, wood sliding boxes, and even small leather pouches.
  • Lanyard Drives — As portable as they are unusual, these lanyard drives allow your current and potential customer to carry their data around their necks with them, while your company's name and logo is displayed a number of times around the polyester or nylon (your choice) lanyard strap, available in various widths.
  • Silicone Wristband USB — Another unusual way for your customers to carry their data around, which helps to make these silicone wristbands even more desirable to your customers when you send them over. Your logo and company details may be printed across the strap of the wristband which is, of course, available in a wide range of colours.

Complimentary Design Service

In order to ensure your drives benefit from the best design possible, here at Dynamic Gift we provide a free graphic design service whereby our professional designers will help you to find the perfect colour, placement, and design combination for your drives.

For more information or a custom quote, please click on the product page for the item you're interested in and fill out our quick quote form. To help us serve you better and faster, please fill in as much information or detail as you can.