4 Reasons You Should Give Gifts to Your Clients on Christmas

Christmas is a season of giving and sharing – not just with your loved ones and the less fortunate, but also with clients and business prospects. Giving shows you care and value the relationship. But there are also many business advantages to thanking your clients with marketing gifts as well. Here are a few reasons how giving gifts can help your business.

Giving Gifts is Good Business:

Customers who receive marketing gifts are more likely to give you repeat business. This is especially true for small businesses. Giving shows that you care about relationships and value your clients and relationships. Since Christmas gifts are given with nothing expected in return, it also shows you are generous. These factors create a positive impression on clients and often leads to increased business and referrals.

Giving Gifts Improves Brand Value:

With customized marketing gifts you can not only add your logo or brand name but also include a personalized message and contact information. It puts your name and brand out there to hundreds of potential clients and prospects. You aren’t just spreading the word about your company, but also creating a positive impression on potential clients.

Saves Money on Marketing and Advertising:

Giving marketing gifts helps ensure a better return on investment than many other forms of advertising. For a typical 30 second slot on TV, you may have to spend hundreds of dollars. Spending half of that money on customized marketing gifts for clients could help create customer loyalty, referrals, and more advertising through word of mouth.

It Helps to Keep the Relationship Open:

When you send a gift to a customer, they are most likely to reply. This opens up an opportunity for you to discuss business needs and other related solutions. Re-opening the relationship with clients and customers you haven’t spoken with in a while allows you to stay top of mind if they need your help and when they are referring friends and family to businesses.

Giving gifts in the corporate world is a subtle art – one that you can master with our gift giving etiquette guide. We hope our products and advice can help you leave a lasting impressions with your customers to help you grow you business.

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