Understanding the History of Lanyards

Long before personalized lanyards become a common office accessory, French soldiers and pirates used them to hold weapons during combat. The word lanyard is derived from the French word ‘laniere’, meaning strap. Here are a few other things we bet you didn’t know about lanyards:

Lanyards Have Been Used Since The 16th Century:

The original lanyards used by the French around the 1500s are far different from the affordable and cheap lanyards we commonly wear today. They were made of rope or cord that was commonly found in the ship and tied to a weapon. Lanyards were also used to fire cannons. Years later, they were used by soldiers during the Second World War to carry weapons and other essentials. American soldiers still use lanyards to attach essentials.

Lanyards: Not Just For The Office!

The Austro-Hungarian Army introduced Qualification Badges by way of lanyards in the year 1868. Thus, you had a bright red lanyard for soldiers in the infantry while steel green was reserved for trained helmsmen. Lanyards can also help save lives! For example, lanyards made of heavy nylon strap and carabineers are used by mountain climbers and hikers.

Modern Day Lanyards:

Today, affordable and cheap lanyards are a must in every exhibition and tradeshow. They’re often given away as promotional items to guests. You can attach anything – keys, a stopwatch, name tags with business information. Most often, they are used to attach ID badges, making it easy to identify employees during a security check.

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