Promotional products undoubtedly deliver results and can have an impressive impact on a brand. However, to make your marketing work for you, you need to select products which have an affinity with your brand. New products are launched on an almost daily basis so it is easy to be overwhelmed by choice. Tapping into the latest trends is one way of achieving this and will help you to stay ahead of your competitors and boost engagement.

The products which will achieve results include branded t-shirts, pens, mugs and USB flash drives. The key latest trends focus on branding, personalization and relevance to both your brand and target audience.

The latest trends are:

1. Personalization

To really stand out personalizing a product is a great way to engage with a client. A personalized promotional product is always going to be well received and will be hard to ignore. It’s also a very versatile strategy as works for both new and existing clients.

2. Conversational Products

Creating a stir around your brand is an effective way to win business, but it is not easy to achieve. In a world where social media is powerful it is important to choose a promotional product which will be tweeted about and shared. This isn’t necessarily about choosing the latest and expensive product. Instead, remain focussed on providing something useful and increase desirability and buzz by printing an interesting or eye-catching message on the product.

3. Technology

A USB flash drive is always going to be received warmly, but to stand out in the crowd consider how to use it to show how current your brand is. Therefore, think about how to communicate your brand message. Perhaps consider choosing a USB stick that looks different and reflects your brand.