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The Power Of Eco-Friendly Promotional Products To Increase Sales

The Power Of Eco-Friendly Promotional Products To Increase Sales

In a world where the environment is a hot topic, aligning your brand with eco-friendly and green principles could reap rewards. However, this doesn’t have to be a costly or complicated move as it can be as simple as adopting a marketing strategy with green credentials.

One way of doing this is to look at waste. It is something many businesses are becoming more conscious of, particularly as the cost of waste disposal has rocketed in many areas recently. With this in mind, giving out flyers and printed advertising material may be a strategy which could serve to aggravate some potential customers. Instead, choosing a marketing tool which can be seen as environmentally friendly will improve your reputation and may create a talking point.

Digital marketing and social media are undoubtedly environmentally friendly, but they can lack the reach of physical marketing tools. Therefore, choosing a promotional product which is environmentally friendly could help you engage with clients and customers who are conscious of their carbon footprint.

It is easy to assume these promotional products are costly, but in reality there are some affordable options. At a trade show or event you could select a normal lanyard printed with your company’s logo. Alternatively, opt for one made from an extract of pulped bamboo. Interestingly it has a smooth texture so feels softer but importantly, it is biodegradable and sustainable. You will feel better about your carbon footprint, and just by making this conscious decision you are creating a talking point. After receiving the lanyard your current and future clients are more likely to keep the lanyards and talk about them with their colleagues which will help to create a buzz around your business.

Similarly, pencils are an environmentally friendly option but your clients won’t necessarily notice unless you point it out. Therefore, if your marketing strategy has a green focus then sending out pencils with a clear message highlighting this you will strengthen the impact of the overall campaign.