Top tips on achieving a high ROI by using branded promotional products

Promotional products are undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool with the ability to engage with your target audience like nothing else. Unlike a flyer or digital advert, a promotional product is hard to ignore and is not as disposable. If you give one branded pen or USB flash drive to a client it can have almost unlimited reach as it will be shared, therefore increasing the positive exposure of your business.

Choosing a promotional product which delivers a high ROI is very straightforward. Wrapping a strategic marketing campaign around the use of promotional products is also a great option but not essential.

Read our top tips for ensuring a high ROI with promotional products:

1. Identify your target audience

Do you want to target an influencer or reseller? The message you need to communicate will differ so it’s important to consider this first before selecting a product and choosing what to print on it.

2. Distributing promotional products

Will you be sending the promotional products out or giving them away at an exhibition or as a reward for attending a seminar? Again this will have an impact on what you choose so consider this carefully.

3. If you have a wider marketing strategy ensure your promotional products are integrated within this

Although promotional products can be used as a stand along marketing tool, they can be very effective when used as part of a wider strategy.

4. Include a call to action

The world of promotional products is all about give and take. Therefore, don’t lose sight of what you would like in return for the gift. Do you want to introduce your brand, drive traffic to your website or thank a client? This will all have a bearing on the call to action you include.