There’s no person alive who doesn’t love getting something for free!

Businesses and organizations have been tapping into our love of free things for decades. They’ve found that giving away branded promotional items is a great way to boost their reputation.

You too, can use the power of giveaways to help promote your charitable organization. Here are 6 custom promotional items perfect for your nonprofit.


One of the most valuable things in marketing is brand advocacy.

Getting somebody outside of your organization to represent your brand builds trust. It’s a third party willingly associating themselves with you.

There’s no better public way for someone to advocate for your nonprofit than to wear your shirt.

Plus, few people will turn down the chance to pick up a free shirt!

Car Magnets and Bumper Stickers

You can turn your supporter’s vehicles into a mobile billboard for your nonprofit.

Getting stuck at a red light is awful. Drivers often entertain themselves by reading the various magnets and bumper stickers on the car in front.

Why not put your name and logo in that space?

Water Bottles

People love to get promotional items that are actually functional.

Re-usable water bottles are useful and won’t just sit wasting away in a junk drawer.

Plus, they’re eco-friendly. You’ll earn brownie points for promoting re-usable containers instead of plastic landfills.

Battery Packs

Our phones are our lifeblood.

But for some reason, phone makers would rather take out our headphone jacks than make our batteries last longer.

When on the go, it’s always helpful to have a charged mobile power bank or battery pack. And luckily, those batteries have some prime real estate to put your logo on.

Help your supporters stay charged, and they might keep your own lights on.

Christmas Ornaments

The holiday season is a time of giving. It’s also a time where festive decorations are a hit.

Why not take advantage of both?

For many nonprofits, winter is the most important time of the year for fundraising. About 34 percent of all charitable donations are made in the last three months of the year, with 18 percent of that in December alone.

Christmas ornaments are one of the best custom promotional items to tap into the giving spirit. Not only do you help people decorate their tree, but you give them a timely reminder each year about the work that you do.

As an added benefit, when family and friends come over to celebrate, they may see your ornament hanging and start a conversation.

Cause-Related Items

This is where the cause behind your nonprofit can lead to some great ideas for promotional items.

Your nonprofit has a specific mission. What type of custom promotional items does your work inspire?

If you run a nonprofit animal shelter, you could give away branded pet collars or leashes. If you run a health-related nonprofit, you could put your logo on bottles of hand sanitizer or a box of bandages.

Some of the most effective promotional items aren’t generic. They’re directly tied to your nonprofit and its mission.

Get Your Custom Promotional Items

Ready to promote your nonprofit with some custom-made items like the ones listed here?

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