5 Ways Branded Merchandise Is Changing Marketing

5 Ways Branded Merchandise Is Changing Marketing

Branded merchandise is a sure-fire way to market to local clientele.

First, people love free stuff. It makes them feel appreciated and valued.

Second, branded merchandise is easy to pass around. If one person doesn’t want it, they pass it to someone who does. Regardless, both people become aware of your brand.

This form of branding is taking the marketing world by storm. It is changing how marketers approach appealing to and engaging target audiences.

Let’s take a look at why branding merchandise has the marketing world in an uproar.

5 Ways Branded Merchandise is Changing Marketing

The goal of marketing is to reach a target audience.

The most effective ways of reaching that audience are always changing. They change in part because new technology emerges often. They also change because consumers become bored with current methods and look for “something new.”

This kind of merchandise has proven itself a tried-and-true method of marketing. Let’s take a look at five ways why it is changing the marketing world.

1. Functionality

This type of merchandise is always small and easily passed around. Moreover, it is always functional.

Staplers, tote bags, pencils, phone chargers — these promo items are all popular pieces of branded merchandise. They’re also items that everyone has a use for.

For that reason, they are valuable.

When consumers receive valuable items from a company, they think more highly of that company. The company has demonstrated that it understands their needs.

Meeting needs leaves a positive impression.

In turn, those consumers become subconsciously loyal to the brand.

2. Physical Connection

Anyone can pay to run a targeted Facebook ad.

But what’s a Facebook ad, really? Just an image that consumers will see a few times and scroll past.

Branded merchandise is different. It’s physical. It can be picked up and analyzed using all five senses.

It’s real to consumers.

For that reason, they feel closer to this kind of merchandise than to advertisements.

3. Relatability

Trends come and go. Consumers get bored of the same old hashtags, gossip, and ad campaigns.

One thing they don’t get tired of is useful items.

Useful items aren’t just functional or real. They’re part of everyday life.

This relatability makes them great tools for keeping those old hashtags, bits of gossip, and campaigns relevant.

For example, you can include a hashtag on your merchandise and ask consumers to submit photos of themselves using it. Doing so gives consumers a reason to relate specifically to your merchandise and your company.

4. Communication

Name any target audience or demographic. No matter which one you name, there is a piece of this kind of merchandise for it.

Companies use this kind of merchandise to communicate a message to target audiences. It makes a statement that advertisements can’t.

For example, let’s say you run an organization that combats drunk driving. You want to run a campaign that targets teenagers.

As part of the campaign, your volunteers hand out keychains with an anti-drunk driving statement on them. Below the statement is the number for a local taxi cab company.

No advertisement can hope to trump the power of that keychain.

5. Experience

Physical merchandise must be handed out. As such, running a merchandise campaign is the perfect opportunity to hit consumers with great customer service.

Sure, the items you’re offering are free. But if consumers really needed them, they could pick them up at the local dollar store.

Great customer service is what makes your brand stick with consumers long after they’ve used or given away the merchandise.

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