Reputation can make or break a brand. A positive reputation has the ability to open doors and increase sales, so finding effective tools to help you achieve this is vital for business growth. Brands often use complex marketing campaigns to try to boost reputation, but promotional products have incredible scope in this space and can be very cost-effective so should not be overlooked.

Firstly, before focussing on external relationships turn your attention to your employees. Many brands underestimate the power of a happy work force. Your employees will talk positively about your brand to friends and family and may even do this on social media so it’s important to use cost effective ways of making them feel valued. Providing branded pens and office materials along with rewarding top performers with promotional products is very effective. It’s an incredibly simple way of raising employee morale and can allow you to reach previously untapped audiences.

Once you’ve used promotional products to build a positive reputation among your employees then move the focus to boosting perception within the wider marketplace. Receiving something for free will make people feel valued and will help to get your brand noticed. Selecting a product which is likely to engage with your target audience and shows that your business is at the cutting edge, will give you the edge in a competitive marketplace.

Most importantly, the promotional products you select need to reflect your business. Therefore, ensure there is a strong connection between your brand and the product. The product also needs to work well and last as it will continue to advertise your company for its lifetime. With this in mind, select a trusted supplier who understands your company values and can deliver products which will help you to grow a successful business.