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Pricing varies based on quantity, flag size, and whether single or double-sided print. Pricing shown is based on a single 8ft flag with print on one side. Please request a quote to get your personalized price.

Made in Canada

  • Made in Cambridge, Ontario
  • Quality fibreglass pole & pivot bearing
  • Tent mount, stake or cross base
    (your choice of one option)
  • Carry/storage bag included

Do you need to reach a bigger market with bolder and brighter advertising? Then the feather flag is the right fit for your business. Just order and have it customized with your brand name, message or your business logo. Whether it is at social or community event or just outside your storefront, we have you covered in all cases.

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Our Canadian made custom printed advertising flags are available in 4 standard sizes: 8ft (2.4m), 10ft (3m), 13.5ft (4.1m), and 17ft (5.2m). Please see below for a visual guide to help select the best feather flag size for you.

Feather Flag Sizes

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Dye Sublimated Full Colour Print

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Steel framework, stackable fibreglass poles, knitted German mesh flag.

Included Fittings (Choose One)

Cross Stand Ground Stake

The above fittings are in-stock items and readily available for standard delivery.

Upgrade Fittings (Optional)

Water Ballast Sand Bag Tent Connector Wall Mounts

The above fittings are custom order items and subject to longer delivery times.

Wind Rating*

When using an optional water ballast or sand bag with your cross stand base, this adds approximately 9kg of weight to your flag base, which offers a higher degree of stability to the flag.

Small - 35km/h (with Cross Stand); 71km/h (with Cross Stand & Water Ballast / Sand Bag)

Medium - 27km/h (with Cross Stand); 56km/h (with Cross Stand & Water Ballast / Sand Bag)

Large - 22km/h (with Cross Stand); 48km/h (with Cross Stand & Water Ballast / Sand Bag)

Wind ratings for stakes are dependent on ground density, and how well the stake has been pushed in to the ground.

Small - 71km/h (with Ground Stake)

Medium - 64km/h (with Ground Stake)

Large - 60km/h (with Ground Stake)

*Please note that wind ratings are an approximate guide only. Dynamic Gift cannot be held liable for any damage caused by incorrect assembly, exposure to extreme winds, or your flag being poorly secured to the ground.

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A Guide to Feather Flags

As far as traditional advertising methods are concerned, feather flags are a great way to draw attention to a business or event. These flags are named for their shape and structure, and they range from short to extremely tall. These are a relatively new advertising method, and many Canadian businesses use them to promote events, services, and products.

A Short History of the Feather Flag

Printed Feather Flags have been in use since the 1970s, which makes them newer than many other ad methods. Although the terminology may be unfamiliar to some, these flags are commonly seen at sporting events, concerts, and businesses. Today, feather flags are used by businesses of all sizes and are affordable thanks to online customization and other services. Feather signs are regarded as a type of traditional advertising because they are print rather than digital and work if they're used properly.

Feather Flag Uses

Feather flags offer benefits not found in other forms of advertising. They're an affordable way to draw attention to a place or event, and they're a great branding tool as well. These flags are meant to showcase logos and pictures, not for long messages. In that respect, they're similar to subway ads, billboards, and other forms of print advertising.

Effective Marketing With Feather Flags

Where promotional events are concerned, Canadian businesses with brick-and-mortar locations can bring in a substantial amount of traffic with strategically placed feather flags. One custom feather flag or banner is rarely enough as an effective outdoor ad campaign typically involves the use of several of these flags.

Choose Colours Carefully

Choosing a colour that's representative of the brand can increase the effectiveness of the marketing message. Brighter colours reach a wider audience, but excessive brightness can make a brand seem less professional. The target audience's overall colour personality should be considered during the process of selecting feather flag colors.


Putting the flags in their proper place is the most important part of a banner-based ad campaign. Not all businesses have an ideal location, but it's important not to put the flags too far away unless the promotion involves a remote event. Feather flags should be in a place where they are easily seen. If the business is on a busy street but the front of the entrance is on a side street, it makes sense to put the flags on the street side with the highest amount of customer traffic.

Special Events

Feather flags are best used as an occasional promotional tool, and businesses shouldn't keep them out year-round unless there's a substantial increase in visitor numbers. These flags create more impact when used to promote infrequent or special events. Local people drive by the same businesses every day, and feather flags can tell them about an upcoming event. Using flags spontaneously can help them retain their appearance, visual impact, and advertising effectiveness for years after they are printed.

Spreading the Message

Even on bigger feather flags, space is somewhat limited. Therefore, the ad strategy should focus on the company's logo. It's a good idea to keep the text brief and easy to read, but using multiple flags can help customers create a longer advertising message that grabs and holds customers' attention and makes them want to stop in to find out more.

Other Names for Advertising Flags

With all their history and their frequent usage in all parts of Canada, flags are known by other names, such as those in the brief list below.

  • Ad flags
  • Feather signs
  • Teardrop banners
  • Swooper flags
  • Blade flags
  • Flutter flags
  • Bow flags
  • Sail flags
  • Tall flags
  • Teardrop flags
  • Feather banners
  • Teardrop signs
  • Quill flags

Despite all the different names, these flags all share a similar purpose: to help businesses send a message to potential customers. Flags can have slightly different shapes depending on the customer's needs. Contact an online printer to find out about getting feather flags for any size Canadian business.

The Final Word on Feather Flags

Feather signs and flags can be a great asset and a crucial part of any advertising campaign. Retail outlets and restaurants, in particular, can benefit from these flags, but they are easily adaptable to a variety of companies. These flags are a large form of advertising and, as such, can draw in a high number of customers if they are strategically used.