Custom 18ft Air Dancer

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Product Highlights

Made in Canada

  • Made in Cambridge, Ontario
  • Durable PolyDance material
  • Long-lasting and water resistant
  • Double overlock seam stitching
  • CETL certified 0.75HP motor

Promotional Air Dancers make awesome advertising at your store front or event. They never stop moving which is a huge advantage in in gaining walk-in traffic to your shop. The air dancers can be customized with several different face designs as well as two separate colours for the tube and hair. Design your own today!

Product Highlights

Tube Diameter:

50 x 50cm tube diameter

Product Highlights

We use full colour dye sublimation, so we can print full coverage in any number of colours you require

Air Dancer Customize Options

Product Highlights


  • Durable, long lasting PolyDance material
  • Water resistant
  • Colour won't fade quickly in direct sunlight
  • Double overlock stitched for maximum life expectancy
  • Tube Thickness: 50cm diameter
  • Full coverage, full colour dye sublimation


  • CETL certified
  • 0.75HP motor
  • Uniquely designed fan blades

Product Highlights

Our air dancers are designed to be lightweight and not require large amounts of electricity to operate, yet be strong enough to last in calm outdoor conditions. Durable PolyDance material is used to construct the air dancer, and every seam is double reinforced with an additional layer which is bonded and sewn.

We specialize in these products, we don't cut corners and we do everything to make the entire ordering process as simple as possible, just reach out to us now and we will begin drafting a print proof of your air dancers. Once you are 100% happy with the design we will produce and deliver the item to you.

With so many companies competing for attention in retail industries and also industrial areas there is no better way to draw attention to your shop than with our range of promotional air dancers. They wave and move around which draw attention to passers by, our air dancers are available with a massive branded panel that allows you to put your business name, current promo, sale or even just the classic OPEN wording. Your message can quickly be seen and understood by people driving or walking past and they will enter your store and engage with you. All air dancers ship direct to your door with a blower base which plugs into a standard 3 prong electrical outlet. You the setup process is less than 5 minutes, you simply attach the air dancer using the sewn velcro and press the power button. Up she goes! your promotional wavy dude will be flailing around and drawing attention on your behalf.

Blow your competition away!

Commonly referred to as air dancers, sky dancers, or even tube men, these inflatable advertising centrepieces are a must-have item for any keen business owner. Their non-stop motions work well in attracting attention to your shop, sales lot or trade show booth. At Dynamic Gift we provide you the option to customize these items, choosing from a range of colours and designs.

The inflatable air dancer offers many advantages to the average business owner. Due to their size and large font printing, they can be seen and read from far away, literally expanding your marketing horizons. Their constant movement and humorous shape simply demands attention of the young and young-at-heart too, drawing in potential customers with ease. Thanks to our customizable printing, you can easily incorporate these promotional items into your overall branding strategy.

Structural Integrity

During construction, all seams are reinforced with an additional two-inch strip of vinyl. After being sealed, the seams are joined with double stitching for even more strength and durability. In high stress areas, we use up to six two-inch vinyl strips instead. A lap seam fold is also added when joining panels.

Service Guarantees

6 month warranty on all seams

1 year warranty on blower

We do not recommend putting Air Dancers on a rooftop. Air Dancers should be used during the day and brought in at night. Leaving them out overnight and for long periods of time can lower the life of the fabric. Blowers are designed for good weather operation. Leaving out during all weather conditions and extended periods of time can result in damage to the blower.

Our warranty covers 8 hours of use per day, 6 days a week. It excludes both rooftop installation and 24 hour a day usage. This is because extreme heat and exposure can affect the lifespan and print integrity of the air dancer.

As a result, the unit should always be brought in at night. Be careful when relocating the blower and inflatable section. Always secure the base and store cords properly so they do not pose a tripping hazard.

Those interested in one of these amazing items can contact our staff today. We will happily talk you through the entire process from selecting colours to tailoring the design. Our blower units are specifically made for these purposes as well and will run for a long time without burning out.