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If you need your brand noticed then try our custom air fresheners printed with your logo, emblem or message. Multiple scents available combined with vibrant full colour print will create a positive impact around your business.

  • Perfect promotional product to get noticed by existing and new potential customers
  • Choose from basic shapes or create a custom one to compliment your business
  • Split your order into multiple different scents (minimum 100 per scent)
  • Pricing shown is based on our regular size (up to 11 square inches)
  • Unlimited colours printed both front and back
  • Custom packaging available

Product Highlights

Choose From 60 Scents!

From the options below, just let us know which you would like in the notes section of our "Request a Quote" form.

New Car Scent Pine Scent Ocean Scent Citrus Scent Bubblegum Scent Black Ice Scent Cinnamon Scent Soap Scent Jasmine Scent Lavender Scent Lily Scent Lotus Scent Mint Scent Rose Scent Sunflower Scent Sandalwood Scent Vanilla Scent Freesia Scent Apple Scent Banana Scent Blueberry Scent Coconut Scent Coffee Scent Cherry Scent Chocolate Scent Cool Water Scent Grapefruit Scent Green Apple Scent Green Tea Scent Linden Blossom Scent Lemon Scent Mango Scent Bluebell Scent Orange Scent Grape Scent Honey Peach Scent Pineapple Scent Red Wine Scent Passion Fruit Scent Strawberry Scent Sakura Scent Watermelon Scent Forest Scent Spring Scent Leather Scent Christmas Tree Scent Blackberry Scent Cucumber Scent Raspberry Scent Sage Scent Chanel Scent Grass Scent Popcorn Scent Pumpkin Scent Calvin Klein Scent Candy Scent Tibetan Incense Scent Hami Melon Scent Caribbean Colada Scent Gucci Scent

* Please Note * – Due to the reaction of certain fragrance oils with printed inks, scents marked with an asterisk (*) may show some discolouration, mainly in white, yellow, blue or red areas.

How To Prolong Your Air Freshener Scent

Just follow these 3 easy steps to help keep your air freshener scent going strong!

Follow these 3 easy steps to help maximize the duration of your air freshener scent

Product Highlights

  • Regular size; up to 11 square inches
  • Large size; up to 15 square inches
  • Extra Large size; up to 19 square inches

Custom shapes and double-sided print are available at no extra cost!

Product Highlights

We use full colour offset printing for our air fresheners. Choose from the basic shapes below or we can custom cut to any size!

Shapes to choose from: circle, oval, diamond, rectangle, triangle, custom

Product Highlights

Custom Air Fresheners & the Power of Smelling Great

It's no secret we all have favourite smells and that different scents trigger different emotions and reactions. But what does this mean for custom car air fresheners branded with your logo and more importantly, your company? No, it doesn't mean we think to succeed in business we want you to start rubbing customized air fresheners on yourself – in fact, we strongly do not recommend that. What it does mean is that the power of smell can be a key trigger for memory and association, and this is interesting news for the world of marketing and promotions. Deciding to create a scented product like custom air fresheners in Canada could be an easy route to getting your brand linked in someone's mind to a scent, so much so that, even when it's not your product that's emitting that wonderful fragrance, they might still think of your business! Hold up, "This sounds a bit like nose pseudo-science," we hear you say? Well, if that isn't enough to tempt your nostrils or, more importantly, your hand towards the quote box, then keep reading to find out some other funky fresh reasons we think air freshener giveaways are so popular.

Breathing a Breath of Fresh Air into Your Promotions with Branded Air Fresheners!

When creating a marketing campaign or any promotion, you want to stand out, and sometimes it involves choosing something different from your typical mugs and pens! Stepping away from the familiar can be scary (What if they hate this product?) or frustrating (Wow, that's more expensive than I expected). But printed car air fresheners give you the opportunity to get creative, even on a budget. What effect does this have on businesses and promotional ideas? It means you can create something tailored to your event, themed to your fundraiser or business colours and custom branded with your logo at a great price point.

"Oooh, What's That Smell?" Choosing a Scent for Your Branding

What scent do you think would really appeal to your clients? With our sixty different options, there certainly is a lot of choice! Some of our most popular customized air freshener scents include New Car, Black Ice, Ocean, Vanilla and, of course, the ever-traditional and classical Pine. Looking for something different? Do you run a car dealership and want to inspire visitors with that new car smell? Maybe you own a landscaping company? Maybe you want to evoke memories of pristine cut grass lawns in the summer....even when the ground is currently being blanketed by Canadian snow. Produce suppliers, garages, grocery stores, the list keeps on going, and with so much variety in scents combined with the ability to create custom shaped air fresheners, there's something for just about everyone!

A Tree-Shaped Air Freshener is Great, But I Want Something Different

Wherever there are cars, there seem to be a lot of printed car air fresheners, but unless they are from a single giveaway, they are unlikely to all be the same! Tree-shaped air fresheners are probably the most classically recognizable shape – but you don't have to look far to see a wealth of customization and variety hanging around for all to see. Air fresheners shaped like cars are a popular option for garages, classic car rallies and of course, dealerships, but there's something for almost everyone! Choosing your original character anime air fresheners in bulk could be a fun choice for gaming conventions and gamer swag bags to create some hype around your important design. How about something sweet-smelling for candy stores to help put your clients in the mood for a treat? No matter what your business does or is involved in, we can probably make a shaped air freshener for it! Send us your idea, and let our art department help or contact us with your inquiry.

Do Air Fresheners in Bulk Have Any Other Perks for Promoters?

Anyone who has been involved in the promotional or marketing business for a while as a vendor probably knows that heavy goods can mean a difficult day and that weighty boxes are wildly overrated. Air fresheners in bulk offer a lightweight item customized and ready to take to events. They are lightweight and easy to distribute (sure those cupcakes look like a great idea...if you like sticky fingers). On the client side, if your visitor doesn't have a tote or bag for their swag, these small products can easily be tucked into pockets and purses. Last but not least, with their low-cost nature, your brand has the potential to go far – even on a more modest budget. Is there anything else, or "Are you finally out of air freshener information? Seriously, who knows this much about air fresheners!?" We hear you ask. We do and also, yes...yes there is more, so keep reading!

  • Once hung up, custom made air fresheners are permanently in the driver and passenger's peripheral vision. This is a great location for brand visibility.
  • In Canada, cars are essential for just about everything from travelling to work to vacationing or going to the grocery store. This means your product could be displayed as an essential and everyday item.
  • The full colour print we provide helps draw attention to your design and gives you the potential to make a visual splash, even on a smaller item!

That's it for our awesome facts about custom logo air fresheners, so it's time to take a look at how to get the most for your investment with these great products.

Getting the Most Out of Your Customized Air Fresheners

Earlier we briefly discussed how people love a great scent and want it to stick around. So, with this in mind, it might be worth checking out our tips and tricks below to get the most out of your promotional air freshener!

  • Step 1: Your air freshener packet can help prolong the scent when these steps are followed. First, carefully cut a V shape into the package (approx 12mm wide.) Reach inside and pull the string out and your custom car air freshener is ready to hang!
  • Step 2: After around five days have passed or when you notice the scent is not as strong as it was originally, it's time to remove the packaging!

That's it! Yes, it really is that hassle-free to help prolong the usefulness of your air fresheners in bulk. These handy steps could also be a great talking point at venues to help create a better client interaction and experience - or just a simple pointer that helps your branded product hang around in its new home for a little longer.

Looking Up "Custom Air Fresheners Near Me"? That's Us!

Our sales office is based in Ontario Canada, and we are ready to help you start creating custom branded air fresheners for your next event. Our team are ready to answer any questions you have and get your idea off that concept board and into the hands of your clients. Inquire today to discover how easy creating custom air fresheners for your business can be with the right supplier!