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Custom Drink Bottles Keep Clients Hydrated and Your Branding Close

What does your target audience enjoy? With people all liking different things, getting your message onto something for a wide demographic can be challenging. The good news is that we all need to drink, and this helps make custom printed water bottles a great choice for branding! Promote your message on something reusable and useful, help cut down on single-use products and give your customers something they could use daily. Wherever your promotional water bottle goes, your message travels with it and this means the opportunity to be noticed at the office, on errands, at universities, the gym and more! Start browsing to find the branded water bottle for your next event right here!

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Why Are Custom Water Bottles Popular for Promotions?

With so many more options available crowding tables and stalls at conventions and tradeshows every year – how have imprinted water bottles held their place at the front for branding for so long? The humble customized plastic water bottle is a staple of promotions all over the world, but why? One reason could be their usefulness! In a world of gizmos and gadgets, providing clients with an essential yet versatile product to assist them with their daily needs could be a game changer when it comes to promotional branded goods. We all need water to survive and branded sports water bottles provide a solution to taking our drinks on the move during those busy days. However, the perks of promotional drinkware don't end there – so read on to discover more about these simple yet fascinating promotional items.

The Perks of Choosing Reusability for Custom Branding

With any marketing campaign, there is a budget and this means a limitation on funding for your brand awareness. Selecting something reusable gives your message multiple opportunities to be noticed and reusable water bottles printed with your logo could be the perfect solution. Getting your message onto a reusable product helps the owner cut down on the expense of single-use alternatives, giving them the chance to save money and the environment. With even celebrities showing off their customized water bottles, the public interest in reusable items is high. Branded drinking bottles offer your business a way to get involved with the drive to be more eco-positive and reduce the waste in landfills where no one wants to see their logo or carefully chosen items languishing. Showing that your company is in touch with the needs and interests of the modern consumer doesn't have to be expensive when you select imprinted water bottles for your branding. This means great news for the planet, the public and your business.

Who Could Benefit From Promotional Plastic Bottles?

So now you might be convinced about the benefits of imprinted drinkware for your promotion, but what types of events or businesses could benefit from these products? While sports team water bottles, gym custom branding and summer camp promotions are probably the first types of venues that spring to your mind – what about car dealerships or golf courses? Now, these may sound random, but whatever your target audience may be, they still need to drink! Outdoor events like charity drives, rallies and fundraisers could get their logo out into the crowd and provide visitors with a convenient way to stay refreshed both during the day and long after. In short, you don't have to be a place linked to exercise to enjoy the benefits of reusable plastic water bottles because your clients will! Getting your message onto a product linked to an essential need sounds like great brand awareness potential, whatever your business might be.

Why Do People Like Custom Logo Bottles So Much?

With so many styles of promotional drinkware styles available, how do plastic reusable bottles remain so popular? Below we have highlighted some of the key perks and features these handy products have that just might explain why they remain so important and sought after.

  • Multiple Print Options: Wrap? Full Colour? Multiple location choices? Check! Plastic water bottles in bulk offer a wide variety of branding options for your logo. Creating something unique and memorable could be easy to achieve when you select customized water bottles for your logo!
  • Inexpensive Yet Useful: No one has an infinite budget for marketing their logo and plastic water bottles for promotions offer a great solution at an economical price point. This means creating wide-range advertising for what matters to you could be just a few clicks (or sips) away!
  • Multiple Types of Plastic Available: You might be tempted to think of plastic drink bottles as flimsy – but their design has come a long way from its beginnings. With options made from Tritan material for a more shatter-proof option, getting the material to suit your client's needs could be simple when you select plastic bottles for your logo. Check out our highlights when a product catches your eye to discover branded Tritan water bottles and more.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Transport: Unlike metal and glass bottles, promotional plastic bottles offer a lightweight to transporting beverages from place to place. This helps to make them a favourite for activity days, hikers and even commuters! No one wants extra weight to haul and this is where branded bottles made from plastic material often have their chance to shine.

Promote Your Information Even After the Event is Over!

No event lasts forever, but you would like your brand awareness too! Customized drinkware gives your message the chance to leave the premises on a product that could be used daily. Branded water bottles made from plastic could be around and in use long after your event is over, still working hard for your business. Placing your logo onto something that could be refilled and transported from location to location, giving all those around it the chance to learn about your business sounds like the marketing dream – and this might be another reason why custom logo water bottles remain so popular.

Need Custom Printed Plastic Bottles for Your Event? Contact us Today!

Whatever your next promotion is, whether you need promotional water bottles in bulk for large-scale giveaways or branded reusable water bottles with low minimums – we are ready to help! Our customer service department, sales staff and in-house art service have years of experience with promotional drinkware in Canada and other hundreds of other products too! Don't let your next event run dry for lack of quality imprinted promotional items. Message us today and let's get started on your printed marketing gifts, rewards and event items together.