Left photo; a man drinking a smoothie from his shaker bottle after a jog, middle photo; several women holding up their fruit infuser drinks after working out at the gym together, right photo; a woman drinking from her infuser bottle after going for a run

Custom Printed Fruit Infuser & Shaker Bottles for Your Brand!

We all need to stay hydrated but lets face it, water can be...uninspiring. The good news is that promotional fruit infuser and shaker bottles are here to mix things up! Imprinted shaker bottles help clients get their shakes in a convenient manner and fruit infusers can add an extra delicious twist to boring water intake. This means that getting what we like and need can be easier to achieve − making custom branded infuser & shaker bottles a useful item for clients & marketing tool for your brand. A great option for everything from gyms to tradeshow events, start browsing now!

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What is the difference between promotional fruit infuser & shaker bottles?

The main difference between these bottles is their design and intended purpose! Custom printed shaker bottles usually have a ball or "shaker" that goes inside the body of the bottle. This ball helps with the mixing of shakes and helps to make shaker bottles a popular item when it comes to dissolving the lumps that can appear in protein drinks. Imprinted infuser bottles have a compartment in their design to contain items like fruit pieces. This allows them to release flavour into the water and simultaneously maintain separation between the two!

Flavour & shake your way to better advertising!

There is no denying that water bottles are a popular choice when it comes to marketing campaigns. This can mean that standing out from the crowd can be tough − so why not choose something a little different?

  • Custom branded fruit infusers: These items offer the same benefits as promotional water bottles, but with an additional bonus! The ability to add flavour to plain water can help encourage the use of your product − meaning that keeping your message close to hand can be easier to achieve.
  • Promotional Shaker Bottles: A great option for any business linked to nutrition, custom logo shaker bottles are perfect for protein and nutritional shakes. Mixing up personally tailored beverages is often a focal point of any client base associated with healthy living. This means that gyms, health clubs or any company looking to get their brand linked to wellness could benefit from these handy bottles. Adding your branding to some awesome imprinted shaker bottles could be a great way to get your logo noticed at workout classes and sporting events − helping raise awareness for your business.

Are there any additional benefits to choosing infuser and shaker bottles for promotions?

Custom printed shaker & infuser bottles offer good-sized advertising space on an item that is both mobile and can be used repeatedly throughout the day. With large size options available, even the most dedicated health pros are unlikely to empty a 25oz bottle in one sitting! This means your message will be on view and often at eye level with the public, helping you raise brand awareness with one easy purchase – without the headache and expense of high-budget advertising! We also carry a range of sizes to suit all needs, and many of our options are BPA-free and dishwasher safe, meaning that you can rest easy knowing your clients are receiving their drinks in quality, safe products.

What type of business can benefit from custom branded shaker bottles and infusers?

No longer the sole companion to the dedicated few in the gym, these bottles have almost unlimited potential! Sports clubs, Yoga groups, and even health food shops could benefit from promotional shaker bottles and custom logo infuser bottles. How about giving them away as a thank you for loyalty to your sports club or as a powerful promo bonus when customers buy their protein powders from your health food shop? Whatever you choose to use them for, you can rest assured you are choosing an item that's useful, long-lasting and reusable - helping to keep your brand in the mind of the public for years to come.

Why choose us for your promotional infuser & shaker bottles?

Never mind the expense of replacing poorly made items due to customer complaints or the associated damage to your company image. When it comes to low-quality food or beverage storage items there is also often great difficulty getting them clean! This can quickly lead to a build-up of potentially harmful bacteria that your customer won’t thank the product or your company for. Help your clients stay healthy and keep a healthy opinion of your brand by choosing the right company and product! With our business you can rest assured that your company won’t be associated with the pitfalls of products that simply do not reflect the hard work that you have put in. With that in mind, contact us today and let our expert team get started on your next project!