Custom Branded & Promotional Metal Hiker Bottles

Dynamic Gift has a vast range of different metal sports bottles. These are ideal for schools and colleges, and can have a strap to hang them around the neck, or a simple carabiner clip as available on some models. These reusable bottles can also be used as a terrific fundraiser, or incentive for charity events, such as walks and runs.

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Corporate gifts for the physically types

Promotional hiker bottles are typically given out at corporate events as an end of the year gift. They are usually given out to staff and clients. Though not as cost efficient as plastic bottles They are still an affordable, and "quality superior" way to show your appreciation to staff or clients, while promoting your brand or business. Although these hiker bottles are usually used for staff at corporate events, they can be used at any other event, rally, or business. They can be handed out to a hiking groups, running groups, or even summer camps.

Keeping your brand front-and-centre

All of our metal hiking bottles can be fully customized. So you can even have your family name put on them, and pass them out at family reunions. Companies and business can have their brand, company name or web address printed on the bottles. We use pantone colours to print your name or logo on these promotional metal bottles, which ensures your logo will stand out. You can choose a colour scheme that really makes your brand or logo pop, or you can have a more subtle colour scheme for your bottles.

Big range of promotional hiker bottles

We have a wide range of custom metal bottles, with a choice of 4 or more colour options for each bottle. Some of them come with sleeves that come in various colours as well. They have various different types of mouth pieces, and have different style designs as well. So you can be absolutely sure we have promotional metal bottles that will fit your specific needs. They come with a strap so you can put them around your neck, but some models do come with a carabiner clip.

Portray your business in the right manner

Trying to get a message out via traditional advertising media can be like shouting into a void. There are so many companies out there, and so many brands for consumers to remember, it's hard to make a lasting impression via billboards, television ads, and other more traditional forms of media. That's why so many companies in Canada and across the world are turning to promotional gifts.

Branded metal bottles are one popular form of promotional marketing that can help to keep your brand name or logo front-and-centre in existing customers' minds and attract new business without even trying. Hiker bottles can be a particularly effective advertising medium for companies specializing in athletic wear, outdoor gear, sports equipment, and other physically oriented products and services. After all, what's the one thing every gym enthusiast brings along for his or her daily workout? A water bottle with your company's brand name and logo printed prominently and proudly front-and-enter.

Practical item means longevity as a promo item

Of course, a personalized hiker bottle is more than just a marketing tool. It also serves a practical daily use, which is what makes it so effective as a means of reaching new customers or clients. These days, most people are nearly immune to conventional marketing campaigns. They mute their televisions when the commercials come on and pass by billboards without a second glance. Flyers and other forms of print media are more likely to end up in the trash than to stay in someone's hands long enough to be read. That's why it's so essential that you make use of alternative marketing strategies.

Companies of all sizes can benefit from promotional products. We print custom designs for everything from annual corporate picnics to fundraisers for charity events and more. Smaller companies looking to attract new business or make networking connections would do well to consider including promotional water bottles as parts of gift packages at trade conventions. Larger companies may want to consider them as door gifts for the next company picnic. Either way, the products themselves will be able to reach a much wider audience, building brand recognition and loyalty one sip at a time.