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Custom Metal Water Bottles. Stay Hydrated. Go Eco-Positive. Stay Stylish.

Whatever your likes or dislikes, we all need to stay hydrated and promotional metal water bottles are here to help your clients and your branding stay fresh. Choose from classical styles, including rugged hiker bottles and sleek and contemporary options that would look perfect on an office desk. Remind your recipients of your brand each time they reach for a sip of water or their favourite cold beverage. Custom logo metal water bottles come in a wide variety of styles and size options, but did you know many have additional bonus features? Start clicking on the ones that catch your eye today to discover more!

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Why Choose Custom Metal Water Bottles to Promote Your Brand?

When it comes to finding something to add your personal touch to for promotions, you can quickly become overwhelmed with the number of options available! Finding something your target audience needs could mean the difference between custom swag that is kept and a promotional item that's tossed aside and forgotten – but what to choose? Whatever we like or dislike, we all need to stay hydrated to survive and this means branded metal water bottles could be a great solution for your marketing needs. Reusable and useful, these products offer a hassle-free solution to taking beverages on the go – giving your item the potential to travel! Whether they are going to work with their new owner, the gym or out hiking – imprinted stainless steel water bottles offer an easy solution to an essential need we all share. This might help explain why they are so popular, but the benefits don't end there! Check out our information below to discover more about why we think these products have remained a forerunner for custom branding and popularity through the years.

What are the Benefits of Promotional Metal Water Bottles?

With every style of customized water bottle there are key highlights that help them stand out from the crowd, and imprinted bottles made from metal like stainless steel and aluminum are no exception! Each bottle design will vary, but here are some common key features:

  • Odourless: Unlike other types of bottles that more easily retain smells and even tastes, custom water bottles made from metal are easy to clean and their material is less likely to absorb unwanted scents and flavours. This means you can experience a cleaner taste and an easy-to-wash bottle, something that is vital for everyday use.
  • Easy to Clean: As mentioned briefly above, promotional stainless steel water bottles offer an easy-to-clean, high-quality material that can be washed and re-washed as needed. Unlike their plastic counterparts, they can withstand higher temperatures internally (gentle handwash only recommended for the exterior with print options) for cleaning and this means the chance of a more thorough wash and a cleaner product ready for the next use.
  • Sturdy: Where are you heading today? If you need to travel, taking a stronger water bottle is important and imprinted metal bottles are here to help. Made from sturdier materials, this type of promotional water bottle is often a better choice to withstand slightly rougher transportation. This makes them a favourite with hikers, campers and even commuters (because getting on a crowded subway every day can be wild!)

How Choosing Custom Metal Bottles Can Benefit the Environment

Whether you are interested in laser engraved stainless steel water bottles or something different like customized aluminum bottles for hikers or summer camp – they all have one thing in common. They are reusable and this means a reduction in single-use products that are so harmful to the environment. When you consider how much water a single person needs daily and stack that against an average 500mL plastic single-purpose bottle, that's multiple bottles in a single day. Now think of that a week, then per household and the number just keeps on growing! There's no wonder these pesky throwaway bottles are filling our landfills and clogging up our environments. But what does that mean for your custom branding? With an increasing public focus and interest in reusability, being involved with the drive towards more lasting products matters. Metal water bottles custom branded with your logo have the potential to last for years after your event is over. This is not only great news for a greener future – it means awesome potential for your brand awareness and that makes promotional stainless steel bottles a great option for greener, more modern advertising.

Why do People Like Branded Stainless Steel Bottles?

A great aspect of customized metal bottles is their versatility! Unlike many plastic options, these bottles are often designed for hot or cold drinks. This means double the usefulness and more opportunities to be the product that is picked up and used. When you combine this with the number of branding options available, including full colour print and engraved metal bottles – you have an item that is useful and highly customizable all in one. From a business perspective, this means endless possibilities on a staple product, and from a customer's view it can mean getting their hands on something awesome that could help them with their daily needs. With these facts in mind, it's easy to see why the public love customized metal drinking bottles to the point where they sometimes even have more than one because they can't choose their favourite!

Water You Up to for Your Next Promotional Event?

Whatever your branding needs are on water bottles in bulk for tradeshows and largescale events or creating branded business gifts with modern metal bottles with low minimums – we are here to help! Don't let your brand awareness dry out with inferior custom print or engraving. Our experienced customer service team and in-house art department are here to help you get the quality you deserve. To find out more about ordering custom metal water bottles in Canada or to start creating yours, contact us today and let's get working on your next event now!