Left photo; a woman pouring black tea from her thermos to enjoy during a winter walk, middle photo; a young couple laughing as they sit and share warm Bailey's from their flask, right photo; a man pouring coffee from his thermos while camping in the winter

Custom Branded Flasks & Bottles for Easy Gifting Solutions & Great Brand Awareness

Looking for custom branded business gifts & create great brand awareness opportunities? Promotional flask bottles could be the perfect choice for you! Thermos & flasks offer a valuable option for getting your essential message or logo out of the office and travelling the world with your clients. From leisurely days out at the beach to fun picnics & BBQs, custom logo flask bottles are highly versatile – making them great backdrops for your message. Check out our range of custom branded hip flasks & imprinted flask bottles today to start finding your next awesome promotional product.

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How do Vacuum Insulated Bottles Work Exactly?

We might be familiar with the term promotional vacuum insulated drinkware, but what does it mean and how does it function? This design works by having more than one layer of material involved! By having a layer, a space, then the outer layer - temperature transference is reduced! This means hotter or colder beverages for longer, but what does this translate to for business branded promotional items? It means a product that helps maintain Canadian's favourite beverages and provides them with a portable item that allows them to travel! Getting your logo onto branded custom flasks and drinkware means giving clients a product that could serve them throughout the day – prolonging your brand exposure at the same time.

What is the Best Material for Custom Logo Insulated Bottles?

Although there are multiple material options out there, stainless steel is here to lead the way when it comes to branded thermos drinkware! While many imprinted bottles offer a plastic exterior, when it comes to the inside you will notice a theme! This is likely because stainless steel is easy to clean, odour resistant and of course, durable. Great for hot and cold drinks alike, there's a reason so many customized thermos bottles have an exterior made of stainless steel, so start browsing to check out all the awesome options available!

Branded Vacuum Insulated Bottles Offer Custom Corporate Gifts with a Purpose!

Are you worried that your carefully selected branded business gift will end up languishing forgotten in some dusty corner, your message residing along with it? Choosing imprinted corporate gifts with a purpose could be the perfect way to help combat this pesky potential problem! We might all differ in our likes and preferences, but we all need to drink and stay hydrated! Custom logo thermos flasks are for far more than just coffee and could be used to keep water cold when clients are away from their refrigeration devices. Whatever people love when it comes to their hot or cold beverages, your printed insulated flask could be there to help them transport it from A to B and onwards again.

Promotional Travel Bottles are Here to...Travel!

Whether your branded thermos drinkware is going on a picnic or heading to the office for a hard day's work, there's no denying that imprinted drink bottles are designed with the intention of travel. This means more than just convenience for your clients – it also creates the potential for increased brand awareness for your business. Your important message could be noticed perched on office desks, sitting proudly on picnic blankets at the beach or on days out in crowded areas like park events! With promotional metal flasks and bottles being built with reusability in mind, your drinkware could be travelling with its owner for years to come, taking your design along for the journey. Allow your business message to be involved in fun days out and fond memories from day trips and vacations. Promote your brand in people's workspaces and be the one they reach for from the time they begin meal-prep before work til the end of the day. With so much potential, it's easy to see why custom engraved metal drinkware and printed insulated flasks have remained so popular for so long when it comes to marketing.

Why Choose Us for your Custom Logo Drinkware?

From branded metal vacuum insulated flasks to custom engraved metal drinkware, getting the quality your business deserves matters. Our company is ready and waiting to help when it comes to custom drinkware in Canada! Heading to a promotional event? Looking for awesome branded business gift solutions for metal drink bottles or something different? We offer an in-house art service, a Canadian-based office and experienced and friendly sales staff. Don't let your ideas leak away with poor-quality branded thermos bottles and flasks! Get in touch to get ordering for your next event or to inquire about any of our awesome product options now.