Branded Mug Sets, Coffee Mugs Sets Printed at Great Prices

Winter or summer, one thing never changes and that’s that we sure do love our coffee and tea! With an estimated 4+ million 60kg bags of coffee expected to be consumed by the end of each year by Canadians alone, it seems we just can’t get enough. So, what better product could you ask for that the recipient is sure to love, than a custom print mug gift set from Dynamic Gift Canada?

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  1. Four black stainless steel 14oz mugs stacked 2 by 2 with the nearest two showing silver logos. Behind the mugs is a black holographic gift box
    Rover Camp Mug 4-in-1 Gift Set
    Priced from $78.07 to $98.37
  2. Two silver double walled stainless steel 14oz mugs with silver logos in front of a black holographic gift box
    Rover Camp Mug 2-in-1 Gift Set
    Priced from $41.07 to $51.75
  3. A red 14oz ceramic mug with a full colour logo and a grey inner wall in front of a black gift box with the same colour mug inside but unprinted
    Sienna Ceramic Mug 2-in-1 Gift Set
    Priced from $15.30 to $19.28
  4. A grey ceramic 12oz mug with a full colour logo in front of a black gift box with the same colour mug but with no logo inside the box
    Cosmic Ceramic Mug 2-in-1 Gift Set
    Priced from $24.22 to $30.52
  5. Two 2 tone 15oz ceramic mugs with grey speckled bottoms and black gloss tops. The one in front has a white logo and the other is unbranded and inside a black gift box
    Otis Ceramic Mug 2-in-1 Gift Set
    Priced from $22.58 to $28.45
  6. Two blue gradient 14oz ceramic mugs one outside it's gift box with a white logo and the other unbranded still inside the gift box
    Bistro Ceramic Mug 2-in-1 Gift Set
    Priced from $15.30 to $19.28
  7. Two white copper vacuum tumblers with full colour logos, cork bottoms and black lids in front of a black and cork print style gift box
    Valhalla Copper Vacuum Tumbler Gift Set
    Priced from $54.08 to $68.15
  8. Two moscow mule gift set 14oz rose gold mugs with black logos
    Moscow Mule Mug Gift Set
    Priced from $24.98 to $31.48
  9. A Moscow Mule 4-in-1 gift set with a copper coloured measuring jigger, bar spoon and two mule mugs with black logos. These are all in front of a brown cardboard gift box with a black Moscow Mule logo on it and the spoon is resting against the box
    Moscow Mule Mug 4-in-1 Gift Set
    Priced from $60.25 to $75.92
  10. Val 2pc Gift Set
    Val 2pc Gift Set
    Priced from $26.76 to $31.25
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Reducing waste and cost in the workplace

Even if you have only a small staff on site you know that disposable cups can rapidly disappear, leaving your company to repeatedly pick up the cost. Imprinted mug sets are a fantastic solution to this as they are long lasting and durable, making it a one step, one cost problem solver– not to mention the perk of helping you appear extra professional for those visiting your establishment!

Giving a gift they will love

With coffee being consumed on average 3.2 times a day by Canadians, mug set gift ideas are not a perfect choice for thanking people, but also help cover that tricky business issue of sometimes not knowing the person who helped you well enough to chose something that ties in with their interests. Help ensure you get a gift that is wanted and so, treasured, with these handy gift products by Dynamic Gift Canada.

The perfect way to say ‘I appreciate you’

Whether you are thanking your interns for going that extra mile, or the CEO of your business, showing appreciation for those involved in what you do, matters. But generic gifts come with the downside of being... well, generic! A lack of personalization is often linked in people’s minds to a lack of care and this can transform your well-meaning gift into an awkward or negative situation. Help avoid this by opting for our custom branded mugs, and get a personalized, hassle-free gift that doesn’t tie you up with having to shop around for ages.

A great tie in product

Coffee is a huge industry; you can’t turn a corner without seeing a coffee shop or stall it seems – so why not make the most of this and select imprinted mugs as a tie in or promo item? Even if your company is involved in a more specific, perhaps less well-known venture (for now!) jumping on the coffee wagon is a great idea for almost any business. Events where they are selling coffee, farmers markets, get yourself involved without looking out of place by promoting your company on custom printed mug gift sets. Or if you are in the industry, why not spread your brand further by selling, or even giving away these high-quality items with your company logo on them – a perfect product for those loyal customers who support you.

Coffee time? How about advertising time?

With so many people reaching for way more than one cup of their favourite drink a day, there could be few better advertising reminders than the faithful coffee cup. With a good size area for your brand message, this product is almost at eye level with its owner throughout the day, making it a great promo choice to remind customers of who you are. What’s more, with many people having a ‘favourite mug’ at home or at work, once they start using your personalized mug, they are likely to make a habit of it, putting your message ahead of the competition – what could be better for business? With such items also being around for years to come in kitchens or work areas, mugs are an ideal awareness solution that can save you a great deal of potential money against large advertising costs for years to come! With all that in mind, what’s there to wait for? So, stop “procaffeinating” and contact us today to get started.